Work-in-Progress seminar

First seminar: Eskil Kristian Riskær

Thursday, June 28, 2012 - 13:30 to 15:30

Thursday 28 June 2012 Eskil Kristian Riskær will give his first Work-in-Progress seminar with the title:

Selling Justice: non-state constitutionalism and contracting for CSR in production networks in China and Brazil

The PhD-research explores the ways in which the use of corporate codes of conduct relates to the emerging phenomenon of non-state constitutionalism and how this in turn is tied to notions of justice. By looking at CSR-related contracting practices of Danish multinational corporations (MNCs) in their Chinese and Brazilian production networks, the research will consider

1.     how these contracting practices contribute to constituting multiple levels of legal rules (somewhat similar to rule-structures that we normally associate with state constitutions),

2.     how this is related to notions of justice, and

3.     the resources and capabilities that are employed by MNCs in pursuing such contracting practices.



Professor Anna Leander, Department of Management, Politics and Philosophy, CBS

Associate Professor Poul Fritz Kjær, Faculty of Law, University of Copenhagen




Associate Professor Steen Vallentin, Department of Management, Politics and Philosophy, CBS

Associate Professor Michael Wendelboe Hansen, Department of Intercultural Communication and Management Studies, CBS

Professor Britta Gammelgaard, Department of Operations Management


If you would like a copy of the paper to be presented, please e-mail Eskil ( Copies will be sent one week before the seminar.

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