Glen Whelan Guest Lecture

High-Tech Responsibility: Private Ordering, Public Ordering, and the Social Good.

Monday, February 10, 2014 - 12:30 to 14:00

Glen Whelan is a Lecturer in Business Ethics at Nottingham University Business School (UK). His research revolves around multinational corporations and global governance, and the political aspects of CSR. He is currently completing projects on state-owned enterprises and CSR, great power politics and CSR, and has recently published a number of works that highlight the broader importance of changing information and communication technologies.

The guest talk at CBS will make you familiar with his current and future work in the important area of 'internet privacy'.



In his talk, Glen Whelan puts forth the argument that high-tech(nology) industries differ from their low-tech counterparts in important ways, and that these differences require a specific conception of high-tech responsibility. More specifically, he uses six comparators to analyze the practicability of using either private or public ordering to align high-tech industry decision making with the public good.

On the basis of this analysis, he proposes that private ordering of high-tech responsibility should be supplemented by public ordering. He constructs a four stage private-public ordering cycle that better enables high-tech responsibility matters to be managed in a trustworthy and legitimate fashion.

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