The academic outputs include publications, workshops and conference


  • Single and jointly authored papers (at least 20) will be published in international peer reviewed journals (e.g. World Development, European Journal of Development Research, Journal of World Business and Journal of Modern African Studies). Some of these will be country based studies whereas others will draw on the findings from more than one country. The current list of publications can be found here.
  • Working and conference papers (at least 20). The current list of papers can be found here
  • An overview of current knowledge and trends concerning the mapping of successful SSA firms and the private sector development in the project countries will be presented in three country background papers. Please click here to view the current list of country background papers.
  • A series of firm case studies appropriate for use in teaching at business schools, if possible as an edited book collection through a reputable publishing company.
  • Five PhD Scholars and 21 MSc/MA students are graduated and two post docs have been promoted.

Workshops and conferences:

  • One international conference will take place in Copenhagen (early to mid-2016), where the findings from the programme will be disseminated and discussed with other researchers and interested stakeholders. Special tracks will be arranged at the 2014 annual conference that University of Dar es Salaam Business School hosts.
  • Joint workshops, and country internal workshops.

Information on workshops and conferences will be posted concurrently at the project website. Please follow this link.

The policy related outputs include publications, workshops and stakeholder engagement


  • (At least) six policy briefs (on how firms and institutions interact and influence private sector and economic development) will be drawn up. See for instance Zambia specific country studies here.

For more information about our publications, please click here.
Workshops and stakeholder engagement:

  • Policy/stakeholder workshops on the conditions of successful African enterprises with policy makers, international organisations, business and trade associations, NGOs, researchers, consultants and individual businesses. One in 2014 and three in 2017 (click here to view the country background papers). They will benefit from the high number of interactions that will take place with relevant stakeholders in the field (like policy makers, businesses (individual and associations), consultants, researchers, and NGOs (the key persons, businesses and institutions, as perceived according to Kenyan, Tanzanian and Zambian government strategies and the Danish/Danida priorities)
  • Interactions with relevant stakeholders in the field, e.g. policy makers, international organisations, business and trade associations, NGOs, researchers, consultants and business managers

Information on policy and stakeholder workshops and conferences can be found here.

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