The project's overall objective is:
To contribute to enhanced understanding of economic growth and employment through new knowledge on firm development in the African private sector
The project's immediate objective is:
To understand the origins of local firms’ success in Kenya, Tanzania and Zambia as a mean to inform firm strategies and economic development policies in these countries. The key research question is how and why certain local firms in the three countries manage to grow successfully under changing and often volatile market and institutional conditions.

Answering the key research question will

a) contribute to filling the theoretical void of understanding business strategies of African firms,

b) lead to insights and recommendations related to firm strategic management as well as private sector development policy,

c) at the same time contribute to capacity building at the participating universities, including contributing to the training of qualified young scholars in the field. It will furthermore provide a comparative perspective on business-state relations in the three African countries.

A range of outputs and a dissemination strategy that targets both academics and policy makers will be followed. For publications please click here.


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