The innovation activities of Danish MNCs in emerging markets: Are Danish MNCs moving innovation activities and what are the implications?

CBDS and CBS BiS Competitiveness Platform are pleased to announce this public seminar on innovation in MNCs

Tuesday, December 10, 2013 - 14:00 to 17:15

Danish MNCs new activities

Following a wave of off-shoring of first manufacturing activities and later service activities from Denmark to developing countries and emerging markets, Danish MNCs are now increasingly locating innovation activities in developing countries and emerging markets, not least those in Asia. This process may have huge implications for corporate competitiveness as well as competitiveness of the Danish economy.

The public seminar on innovation in Danish MNCs will address:


Which, how and where innovation activities are off-shored from Danish firms to developing countries and emerging markets.


Why or under which conditions are these innovation activities off-shored and are the off-shoring especially determined by their linkages to production and/or marketing/sales activities.


What are the corporate implications of the off-shoring of innovation activities in terms of organization, management and competitiveness?


and finally, what are the implications for industrial and competition policy in Denmark?

These issues will be debated based on experiences of two leading Danish MNCs, Vestas and Novozymes, and based on a Danish Industry perspective.

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