Co-Creating Social entrepreneurship for Growth

Conference: Co-Creating Social Entrepreneurship for Growth. April 2nd & 3rd

Wednesday, April 2, 2014 - 09:00 to Thursday, April 3, 2014 - 17:30

Objectives of the conference

  • To disseminate the cross country case studies of how social entrepreneur’s co- create their solutions across four regions of the world, India, Brazil, Bulgaria and Denmark.
  • Clarify the implications for theory building based on the case studies.
  • Explore how to develop Management teaching around social enterprise


The Co-creating social entrepreneurship conference acknowledges the role of social entrepreneurship in playing an important role in generating economic growth, besides social entrepreneurs being socially minded. They are immensely innovative and have the ability to infuse the message of innovation in their respective societies as their frame of reference for their work is social good with a sustainable business model. In effect they refine the NGO framework enabling the targeted delivery of social good in a financially sustainable manner.

This perspective shifts the focus on social entrepreneurs from not only deliverers of social goods but also knowledge generators, innovators and leaders. The second innovative idea we will explore during this conference is the role of co-creation during social entrepreneurship. How do social entrepreneurs support knowledge generation, innovation and leadership? The co-created social entrepreneurship conference focuses on the role of entrepreneurs in their role as profit generating businesses.

Thus the focus of this conference will be to bring to the fore the important role social entrepreneurs play in their societies by presenting different social enterprise from Brazil, India, Bulgaria, and Denmark. Our motivation for this emerges from our belief that social entrepreneurs co-create their solutions with the context they live in, however we believe there are common social entrepreneurial insights to be had from the country case studies pointing us to a more generic understanding of social enterprise.


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