This year’s Annual Review of Social Partnerships (ARSP) has just been published

Are you interested in Cross Sector Social Partnerships? If yes, have a look at annual publication ARSP.


ARPS is an annual international open access publication on Cross Sector Social Interactions (CSSIs). The aim of ARSP is to bring together research and practice in the field of cross-sector collaboration, to communicate high quality collaboration research findings and to share best partnership practices with large audiences around the world, while nurturing the new generation of practice oriented scholars and research informed practitioners in this field.
To secure a high standard in every published issue ARSP has a strong advisory board consisting of R. Edward Freeman (University of Virginia Darden School of Business), Thomas Donaldson (Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania), and Peter Neergaard (Copenhagen Business School, cbsCSR) to name a few.

In this year’s issue some of the main areas addressed include:
• Interviews with and contributions by academic thought leaders, including Henry Mintzberg, Ans Kolk and Miguel Rivera-Santos, and leading practitioners such as Jonas Haertle (PRME) and Steve Waddell (NetworkingAction)
• State of the art review of 100+ new publications on cross-sector partnerships
• Lessons from new tools for teaching cross-sector collaboration such as MOOCs and simulations
• Academic and practitioner insights on case examples of cross-sector partnerships across the world
• Reviews of recent sustainability research programs on cross-sector collaboration

The newly released announcement that cbsCSR will be hosting the 2018 CSSI Symposium is also featured in the 2014 issue of ARPS.

Please download the ARSP here.

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