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No matter if you are hosting a small meeting or a big international conference, there will be something in the Sustainable Event Guide to help you stay on the sustainable path.


Making your event more sustainable might sound like something that requires a lot of hard work. You might ask yourself where to begin, who to get in touch with and how to determine the level of sustainability that is realistic for your particular event.

In the brand new and improved Sustainable Event Guide, CBS Sustainability has expanded on the first event guide which was developed in 2018 for use internally at CBS. The new version is intended for use in all organisations, and it also contains some new initiatives which were not included in the first guide.

The Sustainable Event Guide has an initiative to suit every type of event and every level of sustainable ambition. More than anything else, the guide is an inspiration and a starting point for the kinds of thoughts and considerations which enable organisations to be more sustainable in the choices they make.

By thinking critically about the choices your organisation makes when it organises events, you are already stepping onto the path to sustainability.  

Sustainable Event Guide

Read or download the Sustainable Event Guide here.

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