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The third and final module of the PRME Nordic PhD course - ’Developments in Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability: Innovation, Organization and Governance’ - was held at Copenhagen Business School on June 11th and 12th.


On 11 – 12 June, we welcomed a cohort of PhD students participating in the Nordic Principles for Responsible Management Education PhD course on CSR and Sustainability Innovation, Organization and Governance. One distinguishing feature of the course is that it was taught in three parts and three places: Aalto Business School, Helsinki (Innovation); Stockholm University Business School (Organization) and CBS (Governance). Jeremy Moon led the CBS part of the course, supported by Steen Vallentin and Mikkel Stenbæk Hansen (Danish Ethical Trading Initiative). Another distinguishing feature is that to complete the course the students are required to complete a post-doctoral research proposal on which they have been working in parallel with the class work. 


PRME Nordic PhD


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