Presenting the new Sustainable Event Guide for CBS

How do we make events at CBS more sustainable? Where do we start, what can we do and who can we get in touch with? The new Sustainable Event Guide offers concrete advice on how you can make your event more sustainable – and it doesn’t have to be complicated.


Glass bottles at the conference

We all know exactly what to expect when attending a conference. You receive a name tag when you register, which you usually throw in the waste bin when you leave. You get a plastic bottle of water, and when you are done with that, or even before you are done, you get another one. You get the conference programme and the participant list which you look at a couple of times before that goes into the waste bin. Often printed in colour.

Now, imagine attending a conference with no plastic bottles, no paper, no meat, and no food waste. Imagine how this conference would increase the level of awareness, communication and engagement between the participants and the hosts. And ignite fruitful discussions because we would realize, how much we can actually achieve with little changes in our everyday lives.

Starting from the bottom with sustainability

On June 27-30, more than 200 scholars and policy practitioners participated in an international conference on sustainable consumption at Copenhagen Business School. The conference topic Sustainable Consumption naturally raised the question how a sustainable conference could look like at Copenhagen Business School? No attempt at all to satisfy the conference’s title would be more than hypocritical.

This led to the implementation of a range of initiatives, from vegetarian catering to waste sorting. Most of these initiatives had never been attempted at a CBS event before, and the organisers had to start from the bottom. They have compiled their experiences in the new Sustainable Event Guide.


You can read more about the Sustainable Consumption Conference 2018 here.

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Please note! This article is about the CBS Sustainable Event Guide which was released in 2018. In March 2019, a new updated version was released. You can find out more in this article about the new version of the guide.

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