MSC researchers part of a DKK 8 million project grant focusing on efficient green consumer transitions

Meike Janssen

Associate Professor Meike Janssen heads the MSC contribution to the new project PlantPro – Accelerating an efficient green consumer transition, funded by Innovation Fund Denmark as one of a small number of projects focusing on societal innovation and behaviour change.


The aim of PlantPro is to accelerate an efficient green consumer transition towards more plant-rich diets and reduced food waste. The project will identify factors that drive consumer behaviour change towards more sustainable plant-rich diets and upcycled foods, and greater acceptance of sustainable food technologies. PlantPro will contribute to reaching societal tipping points that will foster the green transition in Denmark.

The project is a collaboration between the CBS Consumer and Behavioural Insights Group (CBIG)  at MSC, the MAPP Centre at Aarhus University (as project coordinators), and the Department of Food Science at the University of Copenhagen. The partners from the food sector are Plantebranchen, Dansk Vegetarisk Forening, Thinktank OneThird, Simple Feast, Beyond Coffee, Circular Food Technology, Møllerup Brands, Food Innovation House, Orkla, Naturli, Planteslagterne, Upfield, Eachthing, Rema1000 and Fair Trees.


The project runs for three years, 2021 - 2024. Read more about the project on the project website. For further information about MSC’s contribution to the project, please contact Meike Janssen,


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