Meet the cbsCSR PhDs: Kristian Steensen Nielsen

Kristian Steensen Nielsen is Ph.D. Fellow at the cbsCSR center and is currently half way through his Ph.D. project. In the light of this, Kristian was asked a few questions about his work and how he ended up pursuing a PhD at the cbsCSR center.


Kristian Steensen Nielsen is in the midst of his Ph.D. project which is externally funded by ‘Mistra Future Fashion’ project. Kristian’s primary research areas contain: environmental behavior change, consumer behavior, sustainable fashion and self-control. The objective of Kristian’s research project is how self-control influences environmental behavior change and the intention-behavior consistency.

“My research is three-parted. One focus is fashion related. Another focus is about self-control and the self-control strategies most effective in ensuring goal-directed behavior. My last focus surrounds the identification of what environmental behaviors have the highest potential to reduce environmental impacts (including carbon emissions). This work is in collaboration with environmental engineering researchers from DTU.” tells Kristian about the different focuses in his project.


Dreams of doing research in Chicago

Kristian has an MSc in Consumer Affairs Management from Aarhus University. His supervisor recommended him to contact cbsCSR’s professor Lucia Reisch who had also been a guest lecturer in one of Kristian’s classes. After his thesis Kristian started as a research assistant at Lucia’s research project, EU-InnovatE and Global Value which was his way of pursuing a PhD at the cbsCSR center.

Asked how he experience working at cbsCSR, Kristian tells: “The center has given me the opportunity to do research I’m really interested in and also the get the opportunity to be funded by projects like Mistra Future Fashion.”

Kristian was recently nominated for the Elite Research travel grant, distributed by the Ministry of Higher Education and Science, which could fund a stay abroad as part of his Ph.D. project.

“I dream of going to the University of Chicago where I would collaborate with a professor and I hope to be a part of their research. They are leading in self-control research and consumer behavior.”


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