International Conference on Entrepreneurship and Employment in the Global South

Interdisciplinary conference on 24 and 25 June 2013

This interdisciplinary conference will focus on the nature of entrepreneurship and employment in the global South and the ways in which the world of work is constantly evolving in response to demographic shifts, urbanisation, technological progress, globalisation and the impact of the financial crisis. We welcome papers that adopt a critical perspective on a range of themes including, but not limited to:
  • Conceptualising entrepreneurship, employment and informality
  • Impact of globalisation and urbanisation on entrepreneurship and employment opportunities
  • Employment avenues in urban and rural areas, especially for young people
  • Influence of age, gender and ethnicity on entrepreneurship and employment
  • Challenges of under- and unemployment
  • Sustainability and Entrepreneurship
  • Role of social and collective entrepreneurship
At the conference there will be a number of keynote speakers including:
  • Professor Ernest Aryeetey, Professor of Economics, Vice Chancellor, University of Ghana
  • Professor Craig Jeffrey, Department of Geography, University of Oxford
  • Professor Peter Rosa, University of Edinburgh Business School
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