Erin Leitheiser obtained PhD degree


Monday, June 3rd, Erin Leitheiser obtained the PhD degree after submitting her thesis ‘The comparative dynamics of private governance’.


Erin Leitheiser obtained the PhD degree Monday, June 3rd, after four years of investigating and researching her thesis entitled: The comparative dynamics of private governance – The case of the Bangladesh ready-made garment industry. The PhD study investigates how and why companies engage in private governance differently by examining the interplay between context (structure) and choice (agency). The findings contribute to our understanding of the organization and dimensions of private governance, the logics of different models of private governance and their potential for addressing different types of sustainability challenges, and the powerful role of actors’ agency in shaping the environments in which companies provide governance.  

Erin Leitheiser is part of the VELUX Endowed Chair in Corporate Sustainability team. The PhD study was supervised primary by VELUX professor Jeremy Moon and secondary by professor Andreas Rasche. The assessment committee consisted of professor Mette Morsing, associate professor Matthew Amengual and professor Laura Spence. 

Erin Leitheiser will continue her work under the Danida programme. 


Erin Leitheiser PhD

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