Dan Esty and Katherine Richardson talk Tax on Carbon Emissions, Industrial Ecology, Green Education and much more


Dan Esty from Yale University and Katherine Richardson from University of Copenhagen discuss Dan's newly edited book A Better Planet and its applications in our lives.



Last Tuesday, over 115 participants joint the discussion between Dan Esty, Professor at Environmental Law & Policy at Yale University and Katherine Richardson, Head of KU Sustainability Science Center on Dan’s newly edited book A Better Planet.

Praised by Elizabeth Kolbert, the author of The Sixth Extinction or by the French president, Emmanuel Macron, the book is a true bipartisan call to action from the world’s leading thinkers on the environment and sustainability.

A Better Planet: Fourty Big Ideas for Sustainable Future A Better Planet: Fourty Big Ideas for Sustainable Future

The current coronavirus situation is filled with challenges but also opens a new window of opportunities to the business world. Showing alternative ways for companies and organizations to deal with sustainability issues, it is now in their hands to process these crucial takeaways. Given the responsibility businesses hold towards their stakeholders, the society and future generations, Dan calls for a progressive business model that will target environmental polluters and will incorporate tax on CO2 emissions as part of the new “business as usual”. More has been said about the industry ecology and the shift to sustainable solutions across sectors, the need to stop seeing waste materials and wastewater as waste. Environmental justice is everyone’s business and realizing that humans and nature are deeply interconnected is the very beginning of a sustainable future. Today, we can vote for these changes to take part and make responsible consumer choices to choose sustainability.


Katherine emphasized the importance of universities and other educational institutions in providing solid grounds of knowledge to young people about environmental issues to prepare them to act on their own.

The lecture was rounded up by Q&As from the public and gained many positive feedbacks. We are glad to have been able to organize our first webinar, together with the University of Copenhagen, on such timely topics and to have Dan with Katherine to discuss them with us.

Denmark is one of the countries pioneering sustainability transition and will hopefully keep leading the way forward, to a better future. We are proud to support this initiative at the Centre and to keep contributing to the cause.

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