CBS signs up to fight climate change

Today's students expect to study at a sustainable university or school, something that also CBS witnesses. Acting on this demand means new times for all kinds of things from the cantine's menu card to how water is provided in meetings.


Jens Ejsing (Berlingske) reports in a newspaper article from Monday, 21 January the growing demands for a more sustainable or at least more aware CBS. Staff as well as a big number of students want to work and study at a "green" university. What that means is of course up for debate, but a step in the right direction is done at the department for Management, Society and Communication (MSC). Here, it was decided that vegetarian food is the default option for conferences, meetings and other events. Other measures concern how water is provided (plastic bottled or from tap in jars?) and most importantly the CBS-connected amount of flying, fx. to conferences.

Louise Thomsen, centre manager of CBS Sustainability, and Jens Friis Lund from KU are quoted in connection with this movement, that might have to do with the unusually hot summer and climate panels in 2018. Fact is that students seem to be purpose-driven in this regard and expect more from their educational institution than excellent teaching and research opportunities.


Read here about an open letter from hundreds of researcher's climate appeal and CBS' answer.

Read here about the vegetarian default at the MSC department and how it started.

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