CBS Minor nominated for ESG award

Kristjan Jespersen

MSC Associate Professor Kristjan Jespersen initiated the development of – and coordinates – the new ESG Minor at CBS that was recently nominated for ‘Finansforeningens ESG Pris 2020 (the 2020 ESG prize awarded by the Danish association Finansforeningen and sponsored by the association Dansif).


‘Finansforeningens ESG Pris’ is awarded to a Danish individual, organisation, or company that has increased awareness of or made progress within the ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) area. The

three nominees this year were Klimarådet (The Danish Council on Climate Change), the CBS ESG Minor, and The Climate Investment Coalition (CIC). While this year’s award eventually went to Klimarådet, the nomination of the CBS ESG Minor was an important recognition of the contribution towards meeting the need for candidates to be specialised within the field of ESG and be qualified to facilitate sustainable transformation in society.


The ESG Minor at CBS, ‘Environmental Social and Governance (ESG): Metrics, Reporting and Sustainable Investments’, enrolled its first students in 2020. It consists of three courses, offered at the graduate level, which aim ‘to immerse students into the global sustainability challenges embarked upon by institutional investors, investment firms and innovative companies, to develop strategy, management systems, metrics, data quality and ESG reporting’. Coordination of the Minor is carried out by Kristjan Jespersen and Caroline Aggestam Pontoppidan, Associate Professor at the Department of Accounting. Read much more here about the minor and the courses.


Read more about the nominees to the ESG award and about the final award to Klimarådet.

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