Sustainability Seminar: MAY 21, 2014 FROM 12:00-13:30 Location: KILEN, ROOM K.150

Wednesday, May 21, 2014 - 12:00 to 13:30


Considering the pool of supportive frameworks and the tools offered in the literature suggesting that sustainability ‘pays off’ on company performance, the following question arises:  Why have a majority of companies not yet entered the sophisticated phase? That is, integrated sustainability into their business strategies and models.
Over the last couple of years increasing interest in this question and in the role of marketing in this respect has been shown in the marketing literature. A recurrent hypothesis is that marketing is an important contributor, or driving force, in integrating sustainability in business. Furthermore, it is suggested that for marketing to ‘make a difference’, some radical changes in the scope of marketing scope and capacity for communication, learning, cooperation and innovation, are needed. To date, empirical studies focusing on these issues are however limited.


Against this background, associate professor Karin Tollin and PhD candidate Lars Bech Christensen approached Danish and Swedish managers engaged with marketing, strategy and leadership tasks and asked them to respond to a survey concerning their engagement with sustainability issues and processes - both at a corporate level and within their company’s marketing function. A central aim of the study is to provide insights into the role and impact of the marketing perspective as a central feature of companies’ commitment to sustainability. Furthermore, acknowledging that marketing influences the sustainability context, follows an additional question: Which other perspectives, processes and areas of capabilities act as drivers to company commitment to sustainability?


At this seminar, Karin and Lars will present the results of their analysis and discuss their findings and the implications for theory and practice.



The presenters:

Karin Tollin, DR. Econ, is employed at the Department of Marketing as Associate Professor and Program Director of the MSc. Program Strategic Market Creation. Her present main research areas include management and leadership logics in marketing, sustainability marketing and marketing capabilities in light of market dynamics. The focus in her research lies on the interface between marketing, strategy and leadership.

Lars Bech Christensen, M.Sc. Ph.d. candidate, is employed at the Department of Marketing as research assistant. Main research topics include quantitative research approaches to advertising effects and effectiveness, complaint handling and consumer behaviour, as well as sustainability in marketing and business.


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