Sustainability Seminar - SDGs and Non-Financial Reporting II

Wednesday, November 7, 2018 - 15:00 to 17:00

To what extend can Non-Financial Reporting be seen as a driver for change? In this session, we discuss how companies are to do SDG reporting and how they are actually doing it in practice. Mia Kaspersen (Associate Professor, Dep. Of Accounting, CBS) and Brian Wessel (Director FSR – Danish auditors) focus specifically on the requirements of sustainability that increase trust and provide for user’s decisions based on the reporting – in general and with a specific focus on SDG reporting. Is the reporting in listed Danish companies robust and can it form the basis of user’s decision, especially investors’ needs? And is the reporting based on valid data? Brian elaborates on how SDG implementation can lower the costs of capital in order to ease investors’ decision-making processes. In a joint presentation, Mia focuses on the accounting perspective with respect to reporting policies. This will disclose the journey from gathering data to publishing the report and the discrepancy between what companies should do and what they actually do.

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Copenhagen Business School
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