Sustainability Seminar - Digital Transformations And New - Sustainable? Business Models

On Wednesday, 4th of April, CBS Sustainability Seminar Series will bring together practitioners and academics to discuss Digital Transformations and New Sustainable Business Models.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018 - 15:00 to 17:00

Since the Internet, we are able to share and collect data and resources more easily, which changes the way we disclose and use (personal) data and the way we can stimulate (sustainable) innovation. In this session Ioanna Constantiou (Dep. of Digitalization, CBS) and Kristian Roed Nielsen (Dep. of Management, Society and Communication, CBS) will give us an insight into these new developments from two different perspectives.

Ioanna Constantiou will start off by talking about the era of big data and big data analytics, in which businesses aim to get access to a variety of sources providing customers’ personal data. An established business practice is tapping into data sources, originally generated for a different purpose. For example, insurance companies have recently sought access to wearable devices data to gain additional customer insights and generate value. However, this practice raises questions about individuals’ willingness to disclose personal data to third parties, other than the original data collector. In fact, information disclosure behavior may challenge businesses aiming to monetize big data. I will present empirical insights about the factors influencing the decision to disclose personal data to third parties and the implications for businesses seeking new opportunities from exploiting big data.

Hereafter, Kristian Roed Nielsen will discuss the rapidly growing alternative source of innovation finance crowdfunding. The emergence of crowdfunding hailed by some as dramatically shifting who and which projects benefit as compared to traditional source of finance. Especially sustainability-oriented ventures are seen as potential beneficiaries, but evidence to back-up these claims from proponents remain mixed at best. The question therefore remains what, if any, potential role the "crowd" could have in driving, financing and enabling sustainable entrepreneurship and innovation? The answer is it depends – so come to seminar and find out more!

Try Kristian’s experiment: To get a taste of Kristian’s research you could try his online experiment.

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