Invitation to Sustainability Seminar at Copenhagen Business School

What is a post-growth economy? When sustainability is discussed in politics, companies or even business schools, the issue of growth is typically the elephant in the room. The effort to create sustainable growth typically circumvents the fundamental question of whether continued economic growth is compatible with sustainability at all.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013 - 13:30 to 15:30

With this seminar we wish to confront the elephant head on. The question is not only whether economic growth is compatible with sustainability. We would like to push the agenda even further by posing the question of what a post-growth economy could look like. The seminar also serves to launch the new Post-Growth Economy Cluster within the Sustainability Platform.

Please register at Students are welcome to join.

13:30: “Looking at the present from the point of a post-growth economy” – Ole Bjerg, MPP1

3:50: “Competition and the post-growth economy” – Hubert Buch-Hansen, DBP

14:10: “Post-growth economies beyond dystopia: transcending homo economicus” – Duncan Wigan, DBP

14:30 Discussion

15:30 End

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