Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility (cbsCSR)

Degree programmes

We, at cbsCSR, contribute with cross-cutting research on CSR to various study programmes and academic activities at CBS through teaching and supervision on CSR-related electives on all educational levels


The Centre faculty is actively involved in the teaching and supervision of numerous CSR-related elective courses and minors offered at CBS on all educational levels – from undergraduate and graduate to MBA and PhD level.

Courses taught by the cbsCSR faculty focus on different aspects of CSR such as Strategic CSR, Sustainability, Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship, CSR in Supply Chains and Business Ethics.

Please click on the links below for more information on the available electives and minors offered. Besides the courses mentioned below, courses covering other areas of sustainability are also offered at CBS – for information on these, please visit the electives site at cbs.dk




•    The Power of Social media for Social Good

•    Corporate Social Responsibility: Challenge and Opportunity for Business Leaders

•    Business Plan Writing for Social Enterprises

•    Corporate Social Responsibility in Action: A Path to Sustainable Development?

•    Corporate Social Responsibility: Challenge and Opportunity for Business Leaders 1st quarter

•    Corporate Social Responsibility: Challenge and Opportunity for Business Leaders 2nd quarter

•    Corporate Social Responsibility in Global Supply Chains

•    CSR – Ethical, Political and Strategic Perspectives

•    Managing Green and Sustainable Business Environments

•    Social Entrepreneurship: Creating Social Change Using the Power of Entrepreneurship

•    Social Innovation Camp: Creating sustainable tools and business models

•    Socially Responsible Consumer Marketing

•    Sustainable Business Strategy and Innovation


Minors are small programmes - normally 3 courses (22.5 ECTS) - concluded with a certificate to be added to the Masters diploma. These certificates and chosen courses, contribute to the student’s academic learning within the specific, whilst also adding value to the student's CV. Minors also represent an opportunity for students at CBS to go more in depth within a specific field of their interest.

Courses that are part of the minor are normally taught during the autumn semester (3rd semester). Some of the listed courses are part of the Minor offered by cbsCSR to CBS graduate students.

For registration, please contact electives office for more details regarding registration for elective courses.

The cbsCSR centre is involved in and contributes to two different minors covering different aspects of CSR-related fields:

•    Minor in Social Entrepreneurship (contact s-ent@cbs.dk)
•    Minor in Sustainable Business

Summer School

•    For more information please see ISUP


CBS PhD Sustainability Cohort
A PhD cohort on sustainability was established to address the growing demand for PhD courses on sustainability-related matters. The cohort includes a theoretical positioning method course, as well as a core course. The course unites students and faculty, across disciplines, in an attempt to establish an overview of research on the phenomenon of sustainability relating to the business school.  

The cohort emphasises the specific aspects within the field of sustainability, from a business school perspective. The course offers students the possibility of engaging in an extensive eight-month programme where classical readings can be discussed, research progress can be presented, and methodological challenges, within the field, can be debated.

Fall 2013


Exedutive Education and MBA

Corporate Sustainability and Leadership
CBS-Simi Executive Education 6-8 June 2013 (preliminary)

Over the past decade, public concern about CSR has profoundly transformed the competitive landscape. Rather than changing market conditions for all participants, CSR affects companies in different ways: as opportunities for and as risks to individual firms.During this course the participant will learn how to adopt environmental and social strategies to reduce operational risks and to obtain cost advantages over your competitors. At the same time, you will discuss how to improve product innovation in order to optimise prices in your primary markets and to expand into entirely new sectors (e.g. Ecomagination, Cleantech Venturing, Base of the Pyramid, Social Entrepreneurship).

Key Benefits:

  • Identifying the competitive opportunities of corporate social responsibility (CSR)
  • Understanding how to create business unit level CSR innovation strategies to differentiate your product(s) and to secure competitive advantage
  • Developing a CSR strategy map unique to your business unit

Deadline for registration is 20 May 2013. Registrations will be accepted after deadline, but seats can not be guaranteed.

Participant Profile
The program is primarily aimed at general managers at the business unit level. The program will provide a setting in which you can discuss CSR challenges to your company and the other participants’ companies. You will develop a CSR strategy for your business unit that is not a constraint but a direct conduit to your core business unit strategy. The program will also help you to interact more effectively with corporate level CSR staff.


MBA elective
Fall 2013

Leading Responsible Corporations
The aim of the course is to gain an in-depth understanding of the different factors influencing the legal, ethical, and economic responsibilities of business leaders, particularly when considering emerging regulations around social and environmental issues. The course introduces students to a variety of analytical tools (e.g., political risk analysis and materiality assessments) and discusses in what ways these tools can enable responsible corporate conduct.

Different themes will discuss how the changing external political and socio-economic environment shapes firms’ interest in and adoption of responsible business policies as well as organisational barriers that are likely to occur, when leading corporations in a responsible way.

The course is designed in an interdisciplinary way blending insights from management studies, leadership, business law, and international relations.


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