Communication & Organization Group


Communication & Organization Group
The Communication & Organization Group has a joint affiliation with the Communication, Organization and Governance Cluster and the CBS Sustainability Centre, both in the Department of Management, Society and Communication.

The purpose of the group is to explore the relationships between communication, organization, and sustainability/CSR.


Mette Morsing

Michael Etter

Verena Girschik

Anne Vestergaard

Julie Uldam

Daniel Lundgaard

Frederik Schade

Lars Thøger Christensen

Dennis Schoeneborn


The group coordinators are Lars Thøger Christensen and Dennis Schoeneborn.

The main activity is a monthly reading group, usually concerned with discussing “classical” readings from philosophy, sociology, or linguistics – but occasionally also contemporary publications and/or work-in-progress papers are discussed.   These alternate between sessions that address the organization-communication relation more generally – and other sessions that look especially at issues of sustainability, accountability and CSR from a communication-centered perspective (and then could be announced also more broadly at the Centre).

Two recent results of the group’s activities have just been published:

Dennis SchoenebornMette Morsing &  Andrew Crane eds (2019) ‘CSR and Communication: Examining how CSR Shapes, and is Shaped by, Talk and Text’ ‘Special Issue of Business and Society

Lars ThøgerChristensen, MetteMorsing & OleThyssen (2019) ‘Timely hypocrisy? Hypocrisy temporalities in CSR communication’ Journal of Business Research

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