City Solutions Group Members


Ph.D., M.Sc., B.Sc
Assistant Professor at Copenhagen Business School.
Research Director of City Solutions Group
EU H2020, Project Lead and Partner
European Commission, Expert and Evaluator
HafenCity University Hamburg, Visiting Researcher

As a business economist, Ls a business economist, Luise Noring specializes in urban governance and finance. Much of this work is captured in City Solutions series addressing how to spur inclusive growth of deindustrialized harbors, finance city-wide infrastructure investments, enable inclusive cities through novel affordable and social housing models, and accumulate political and fiscal powers for municipalities vis-a-vis national governments, to name but a few. The City Solutions series has evolved over several years of research focused on capturing and codifying unique institutional forms and finance mechanisms that are tried and tested over decades. In this way, the City Solutions hold high levels of institutional innovation, experimentation and adaptive learning, all of which enable skipping ahead of the learning curve for other cities willing to adopt and adapt the Solutions. The goal of the City Solutions is to bring depth and specificity to the analysis of institutional solutions, distilling enabling features and financial mechanisms, to enable large-scale adoption and adaptation.

Noring is an Assistant Professor and Research Director heading a team of researchers and project coordinators at Copenhagen Business School in Denmark. During 2014-15, Noring worked as an EU commissioned policy expert advising on sustainable urbanization, re-naturing cities, and nature-based solutions. Since 2016, Noring’s company, City Facilitators, has provided specialist advice and guidance on urban growth, business development and urban finance mechanisms to predominately European public agencies and private corporations.


M.A. Urban Ethnologist and Cultural Analyst
Project Manager Urban Challenges, Researcher Governing Cities

Ditte Lindharth Tellgren holds a master in Applied Cultural Analysis with a minor in European Ethnology from the University of Copenhagen. Besides being the Project Manager of the European funded Urban Challenge Programme and a researcher in the Cities 4 People Horizon 2020 project, Ditte also acts as the teamleader of the Urban Sustainability team at CBS. She is specialized in designing and conducting ethnographic research, organizing projects, and communicating results. She has a background within sustainable urban development, architecture, urban and cultural planning, and community-driven projects from a bottom-up approach. 


M.A. Supply Chain Management
Project Manager, Cities 4 People

Julie Jo Nygaard holds a master’s degree in supply chain management with a minor in sustainable business from Copenhagen Business School. Julie is part of the Urban Sustainability Team led by Dr. Noring. She is a research assistant and the project manager at Cities-4-People, Copenhagen Business School. Julie has previous experience in the field of sustainable urban transport from her master thesis on the Danish project Citylogistik-kbh, which was funded by the Danish Transport Authority in 2013–2015. Julie has worked as a research assistant in the EU funded SCANDRIAÒ2ACT project, which is part of the European Interreg Programme where she and Dr. Noring have identified and developed a comprehensive report on sustainable business models with a partnership perspective.


Ph.D. in Digital Design
Service Designer & Postdoc researcher Cities 4 People
Project Manager Urban Challenges

Isabel Fróes’ international profile combines a background in service design, and user-research providing a fertile ground for bridging cultures, technology, urban development and design through various projects. She believes in playful creative approaches and in the power of storytelling and prototyping to transform and innovate.She holds a PhD in digital design from the IT University of Copenhagen and has taught a range of courses in various institutions in Denmark and abroad for over 12 years. She holds an MsC in Interactive Telecommunications from NYU and a BS in Psychology from PUC-RJ. She is currently doing her postdoc as part of the Sustainable Urbanisation Team at Copenhagen Business School (CBS).


M.A. Finance
Personal Assistant

Charlotte holds a master’s degree in finance from Copenhagen Business School. Charlotte is part of the Urban Sustainability Team led by Dr. Noring. She works as the team’s administrative coordinator, providing support to our managers and employees, assisting in daily office needs and managing our team’s general administrative activities. Charlotte has extensive experience in the field of administering EU funded projects with a special focus on high-level processes. 



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