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iPRODUCE (2020-2023)


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CBS-based project

Research Lead on the Business Development Work Package

Funding for CBS activities: €440.500 / 3.200.000 DKK

iPRODUCE takes well proven concepts and approaches (from DIY manufacturing, FabLabs, Makerspace) and upscales them through innovative technology solutions. The aim is to introduce and integrate these concepts and approaches in multi-stakeholder ecosystems through the help of collaborative Manufacturing Demonstration Facilities. The idea is to introduce user-driven local manufacturing that is sustainable, in part by by-passing global supply chains.





CBS-based project

Lead Applicant & Research Director

CBS funding: €4.000.000 / 30.000.000 DKK
Funding for CBS activities: €670.000 / 5.000.000 DKK

Cities-4-People is a three-yearresearchand innovation project that devises People-Oriented TransportandMobility solutions across five European cities building onablend of new digital and social technologies under aninclusiveapproach. The aim is to propose solutions of low ecological footprint,asharing mentality and the potential to solve real urban andperi-urbanmobility issues. The cities are Budapest, Hamburg, Istanbul, Trikala and Oxfordshire.


REALDANIA (2019-2021)


CBS-based project

Innovative City Solutions for Denmark, Ph.D. Candidate (CBS)

Funding for CBS activities: €200.000 / 1.500.000 DKK

This Ph.D. project is funded by Realdania with the purpose of uncovering innovative governance and finance solutions for Danish cities. The project explores systematic, methodical approach starting with the identification of governance models and finance mechanisms across middle-sized Northern European and US cities.






CBS-based project

Lead Applicant & Programme Director

CBS funding: €990.000 / 7.400.000 DKK
Funding for CBS activities: €450.000 / 3.300.000 DKK

With the Urban Challenges, we are running a three-year initiative consistingofelective courses for graduate students focusing on thecross-disciplinary challenges cities face. Each course is acollaborationbetween local universities, businesses and municipalities:

Edinburgh-Copenhagen Urban Challenge
Examines local carbonemissionpolicies and how cities are reducing CO2 emissions.

Hamburg-Copenhagen Urban Challenge
Focuses onurbanregeneration of deindustrialized harbours using the PublicAssetCorporation as a financevehicle.

Helsinki-Copenhagen Urban Challenge 
Uses big data to investigate and identify innovative urban mobility solutions.

Riga-Copenhagen Urban Challenge 
Investigates into retrofitting of publicly owned buildings in compliance with green building standards.

Rome-Copenhagen Urban Challenge 
Conducts a comparative study of urban farming and sheds light on how this impacts human well-being and increases urban liveability.

We are coordinating the Urban Challenge Programme, which is supported by the Erasmus+ Programme for Knowledge Alliances. As an interdisciplinary, cross-institutional, cross-cultural higher education programme, the Urban Challenge Programme facilitates the exchange of knowledge, experience, and ideas for urban sustainability across cities and countries. We have had 387 students attending 15 courses where 6 companies joined the 6 universities in tackling an array of urban challenges, such as carbon emissions, city re-development, historical preservation, urban gardening, etc. We are now in the final year of the project.


Urban Challenge Conference April 2019


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The Urban Challenge Conference took place April 25 in Copenhagen. It was the day to showcase results from the Urban Challenges partnerships together with influential renowned practitioners as speakers. Luise Noring and Prof. Joerg Knieling co-presented the Hamburg-Copenhagen Urban Challenge, which centers on large-scale urban regeneration of deindustrialised areas.







CBS-based project

Research Lead on Supply Chain Partnerships

Funding for CBS activities: €120.000 / 900.000 DKK

The Interreg initiative investigates clean multimodaltransport that enables increased connectivity and competitiveness of the Berlin-Oslo corridor, - while minimising negative environmental impact induced by transport. Our contribution to this initiative is recommendations for multimodaltransport partnerships across the entire supply chain, including identifying the costs and benefits of such partnerships.






CBS-based project

Non-resident Senior Research Fellow 

Funding for CBS activities: €166.000 / 1.240.000 DKK

Public Asset Corporation

Main Researcher & Co-Author

Cities across the world face increasing demands at a time when public resources are under enormous pressure. Cities are plagued by out-dated or inadequate infrastructure and underutilized areas. This has sent many cities searching for new vehicles for infrastructure finance given the inability of increase taxes. Together with the Brookings Institution, we have published a report on the public asset corporation as a new finance vehicle for urban redevelopment exemplified by Copenhagen City & Port Development Corporation. Together with La Fabrique, we are working on a comparative study of the public asset corporation model across Copenhagen, Hamburg, Helsinki, and Lyon.

Governing City Infrastructure

Main Researcher & Co-Author

This applied research is a joint project with Siemens Cities, LSE Cities, and the Brookings Institution. It sheds light on how cities deliver large-scale transformative projects within sustainable urbanization. The targeted cities are Hamburg, Manchester, and Pittsburgh. The purpose is to understand the dynamics of city governance and finance in order to identify best practices that can be applied to other cities across Europe and the US.

Cities and Refugees - The German Experience

Main Researcher & Co-Author

We have investigated into how the 15 largest German cities tackled the distribution and immediate settlement of refugees. So far, we have shared our findings with numerous stakeholders, including the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, the World Bank and several national and city governments. The second research brief due in September concentrates on long-term settlement and labour market integration.




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CBS-based project

Project Manager for Cross-institutional Teaching Programme

Green Innovation in Cities was part of the EU-funded initiative; Copenhagen Innovation and Entrepreneurship Lab. The project entailed initiating and managing the progress of high complexity, knowledge intensive and trans-disciplinary educational projects on sustainable urbanisation across CBS, Technical University of Denmark (DTU) and University of Copenhagen (UCPH). During the course of the project, Noring developend and managed:

Beijing-Copenhagen Urban Challenge (2013-2015):
A joint graduate course on Urban Air Pollution taught collectively by Peking University, CBS and Technical University of Denmark.

Delhi-Copenhagen Urban Challenge (2014-2015):
A joint graduate course on Urban Public Transport taught collectively by Delhi Institute of Management Technology, CBS and University of Copenhagen.


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