The BoS blog provides a platform to discuss and inspire people to reflect and take part in the discussion on issues related to corporate social responsibility (CSR), corporate sustainability, sustainable consumption, and government’s impact on corporations, to name a few. As the name indicates, we are interested in how business and society interrelate, especially when considering businesses’ responsibilities towards society.

The Business of Society blog (BoS) is run by a group of business school academics, with editors-in-chief Verena Girschik and Andreas Rasche from CBS Sustainability. We regularly invite guest bloggers to share their knowledge in order to secure a dynamic environment focusing on the latest research.

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Published in 2021:
30/06/2021 Social impact bonds in the Nordics: insights from ‘Copenhagen Impact Investing Days 2021’
28/06/2021 The Concept of Fragmented Labour Markets
22/06/2021 The maker movement, the quiet, game-changing revolution near you #2
18/06/2021 Like oil and water…. Shell’s climate responsibility and human rights
15/06/2021 The fear of becoming the hotspot of infectious diseases: Who is concerned and why?
02/06/2021 Start me up – helping citizen engagement become the hot new kid on the block
31/05/2021 Corporate democratic responsibility – messy and difficult, yet urgent and without alternative
24/05/2021 Mapping unchartered territory: Ecuador's journey to sustainable palm oil
18/05/2021 Is Seeing Knowing? When Visibility Reduce Transparency
01/05/2021 Unaccounted Risk: The Case of Sulfur Hexafluoride (SF6) in Offshore Wind Energy
20/04/2021 Responsible to whom and for what?
15/04/2021 Megacorporations
13/04/2021 Remote research: A story about "being there"
07/04/2021 Impact of COVID-19 on mortality inequalities: The case of France
30/03/2021 March for Gender #4: Leaving no one behind
25/03/2021 SFDR, NFRD and the EU Taxonomy – What is their relationship?
23/03/2021 March for Gender #3: We need a manifesto for Maya, not just a celebration of John
19/03/2021 Arguing for Climate Adaptation
16/03/2021 March for Gender #2: The Gendered Impact of Covid-19
11/03/2021 Distraction and manipulation: the two horsemen of the digital economy
09/03/2021 March for Gender #1: How a feminist collective took on a media giant to challenge everyday sexism
25/02/2021 Portfolios at risk of Deforestation
23/02/2021 Under the radar: How companies can redefine what we consider socially responsible?
19/02/2021 Who really cares about the SDGs when it comes to nobody's responsibility?
16/02/2021 How organization avoid to hire highly-skilled migrants
02/02/2021 Is Pollution the Only Road to Business Prosperity?
28/01/2021 A Southern-centered perspective on climate change in global value chains?
26/01/2021 Do we need to sacrifice to mitigate climate change?
21/01/2021 Innovating Under Pressure – Grassroots’ social and distributed manufacturing during the pandemic
19/01/2021 Counting Trees in the Hopes of Managing Forests – Technological solutions to palm oil deforestation?
15/01/2021 Marching towards the end of enlightenment?
12/01/2021 How do the arts impact our societies in times of digitalisation?
08/01/2021 Can we pay for success in healthcare?
05/01/2021 The maker movement - the quiet, game-changing revolution near you
Published in 2020:
31/12/2020 The Uberization of corporate political action
15/12/2020 Sustainable livelihoods? The informal sector beyond Covid-19
06/12/2020 Sustainability claims: In what sense are they performative?
30/11/2020 Polarization and polarized opinions – that only happens to other people, right?
27/11/2020 Insecure work: rethinking precarity through Kenya’s tea plantations
17/11/2020 Delivering and Financing Better Societies
27/10/2020 Cultural sensitivity and diversities in the measuring of sustainable development
22/10/2020 Friedman’s critique of CSR at 50: birthday surprises
20/10/2020 Top Leadership Compensation: From Hockey-Stick to Shared Pay-checks
16/10/2020 Branding in the COVID-19 pandemic
13/10/2020 Has COVID-19 changed our relationship with food?
08/10/2020 Making Corporate Sustainability More Sustainable
06/10/2020 Economics for Life
30/09/2020 Making the case for and against and beyond Friedman in 2020
24/09/2020 Is Tourism an Essential Industry?
22/09/2020 Private Standard-setting Organizations and the Theory of Change
15/09/2020 Normative foundations for stakeholder involvement in environmental and societal impact assessments
08/09/2020 Aspirational talk for a challenging walk
04/09/2020 Different pathways to sustainability standard adoption

What does it mean to call someone a stakeholder?

16/06/2020 Tax havens, COVID-19 and sustainability
10/06/2020 I Am What I Pledge – The importance of value alignment and crowdfunder behavior
08/06/2020 Supplier perspectives on social responsibility in global value chains
04/06/2020 The rise of social media bots – how do they work, and how can you spot them?
02/06/2020 Fresh Air: An Impact Story
27/05/2020 Building A Better Planet: Toward a Sustainable Post-COVID-19 Society
25/05/2020 Small, yet important – and still responsible. Reflections on SMEs and social responsibility in times of Covid-19
20/05/2020 On the Ground: What CSR and sustainability standards fail to address
18/05/2020 How the pandemic can reset cities and transform aspects of urban mobility
13/05/2020 The problem with CSR: why companies need to listen to their activist employees
11/05/2020 Lobbying and the virus – three trends to take note of
07/05/2020 How to make food systems more resilient: Try Behavioural Food Policies
05/05/2020 In Movement from Tanzania to Northern Italy to Denmark
30/04/2020 A Green and Fair COVID-19 Recovery Plan
27/04/2020 The Coronavirus Pandemic – and the Consequentiality of Metaphors
24/04/2020 Supply Chain Responsibilities in a Global Pandemic
15/04/2020 The Political Economy of the Olympics – Misconceptions about Sustainability
09/04/2020 Sustainable Development, Interrupted?
18/03/2020 Normalizing Sustainability
12/03/2020 Sustainable Consumer Behavior: Go Big or Go Home?
05/03/2020 Ensuring effective collaboration in cross-sector partnerships: three valuable lessons for partnership managers
03/03/2020 Just announced: And the world’s worst company is …. Really?
28/02/2020 Responsible Tax in Multinational Enterprises – Why?
26/02/2020 Lead where others follow
21/02/2020 AI: A new culprit in missing the sustainability mark?
12/02/2020 Helpful hypocrisy? The ‘ironic turn’ in corporate talk about sustainable development
11/02/2020 Fake news and the future of the truth
07/02/2020 Why consultations on large projects should matter to citizens as well as companies
03/02/2020 Female entrepreneurs & reward-based crowdfunding: Offline inequality and online equality?
27/01/2020 SDG 17 check in: cross-sector partnerships from the beneficiary perspective?
21/01/2020 Better than nothing but still “exSASBerating”!
16/01/2020 We can’t better the world at once. So let’s do it together
Published in 2019:

Teaching (and doing) anthropology in a business school

11/12/2019 When business is not as usual – why companies should engage with humanitarian crises

When is a banking scandal a corporate social responsibility scandal?


Football and the Meaning(lessness) of Management Concepts


How SDGs help us see buildings through a different lens


Consumers fall for food products with nutrition claims – what about you?

18/11/2019 Regulating 300,000 Years – Nuclear Waste, Sustainability and the Need to Talk to the Distant Future

Towards a Realization of Sustainability Ambitions?


How sustainable is ecotourism?


Is it a right policy to focus on SDGs during Economic Slowdown?


Thinking outside the box on corporate tax practice


Conquer the Lock-In: How Food Companies can act on their Political Responsibility towards Children


The year of corporate acting—does business need a new approach to palm oil?

Published in 2018:

Corporate contributions to United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals


The Academic Smarts in the Smart City


Fake news and what it means for discussions about CSR-related issues


Green – a special shade of innovation


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