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Transformational Economies and Societies

MPP Research Cluster “Transformational Economies and Societies”

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Transformational Economies and Societies is a cross-disciplinary group of researchers based at the Department of Management, Politics and Philosophy and funded by CBS as a new Strategic Initiative. The cluster includes researchers with different disciplinary backgrounds, such as management and business studies, organizational studies, law, political science, political economy, political and social theory, intellectual history, and sociology.

The initiative aims to be a stimulating meeting and exchange place for researchers and students at CBS (and beyond) who are interested in studying the critical economic and societal transformations of our times, as well as the strategies developed to address the multiple ongoing ecological, economic and social crises at the intersection of states, markets, and civil society.

The research cluster aims at producing high-quality, cutting-edge, interdisciplinary research and expanding CBS educational offer by providing educational activities focusing on these issues. This includes the new Cand.soc. Minor titled “Transforming Business and Organizations to Build Sustainable and Democratic Economies and a PhD course on the “Social and Organizational Theories of Transformation”.

Our research cluster aims to build bridges with research centers internationally, focusing on similar topics to provide opportunities for research and study exchanges for CBS staff and students.

Our topics of interest include (but are not limited to):

  • Historical, contemporary and future transformations of corporate constitutions and organizational forms, e.g. stakeholder models;
  • Alternative organizations and forms of organizing for sustainability and social change, e.g. circular economy, social and sustainable entrepreneurship.
  • Political, legal, sociological, philosophical and historical approaches to corporate forms and governance, with a focus on societal legitimation struggles;
  • Current, past and future forms (and crises) of capitalism and their societal and economic implications;
  • Potentials of the Nordic heritage of societal embeddedness and civil negotiated order between economy and society (e.g., foundation-, family- and cooperatively owned businesses);
  • Civil society, gift-giving relations and voluntarism;
  • Taxation and public procurement and their role in business and society relations (CBS LAW).

Affiliated researchers (in alphabetical order) and topics of interest:

  • Thomas Biebricher, Associate Professor - Political theory; Political economy; Neoliberalism; Conservatism; European Union.
  • Charlotte Cator, PhD student - Capitalism and crisis; Agonistic politics; the Global city.
  • Maj Grasten, Assistant Professor - Socio-legal studies and the governance of global law; The legal foundations of markets; The politics of (legal) knowledge and expertise.
  • Mathias Hein Jessen, Associate Professor - Social, political and critical thought; Corporations and corporate power; Business and society.
  • Poul F. Kjaer, Professor - Transnational governance and law; Law of Political Economy; Transformative law; Global Value Chain Law.
  • Lara Monticelli, Assistant Professor - Capitalism, its crises and its alternatives; Alternative organizations and social movements; Prefigurative politics and real utopias.
  • Lena Olaison, Associate Professor - Entrepreneurship; Sustainability and entrepreneurship; Critical entrepreneurship education; Organizational philosophy.
  • Birke Otto, Post-Doc and guest researcher - Transparency, secrecy and ignorance; Creativity and innovation; Affect and discourse; Organization theory.


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Student assistant: Lovis Engel


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VIDEO from talk on "Transforming Capitalism. Paradox or Opportunity?" with Rebecca Henderson (Harvard Business School) and Julia Ott (New School for Social Research, NYC), 9 December 2021, Transformational Talk Series, Fall 2021


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