Department of Management, Politics and Philosophy


Below please find staff members at the Department of Management, Politics and Philosophy. You can filter the listing by choosing 'Select job category'. For CBS LAW staff follow the link below. 

Mitchell Dean Head of Department +4538154234
Henrik Hermansen Head of Secretariat +4538153656
Profile picture First name Last name title phone mail
Administrative Officer
Karina Ravn Nielsen Administrative Officer +4538153782
Mads Peter Karlsen Assistant professor +4538153626
Bo Hee Min Bo Hee Min Assistant professor +4538153624
Anders Sevelsted Assistant professor +4538153998
Kristian Bondo Hansen Kristian Bondo Hansen Assistant professor +4538153535
cl Claudia Eger Assistant professor +4538152594
Lara Monticelli Lara Monticelli Assistant professor +4538153726
Andrea Baldin Andrea Baldin Assistant professor +4538153680
Thomas Presskorn-Thygesen Assistant professor +4538153678
Erik du Plessis Erik Mygind du Plessis Assistant professor +4538153578
Maj Grasten Assistant professor +4538153574
Henrik Herlau Associate Professor Emeritus hh.mpp@cb...
Sine Nørholm Just Associate professor
Justine Pors Justine Grønbæk Pors Associate professor +4538152857
Mathias Hein Jessen Associate professor +4538153573
stina teilmann Stina Teilmann-Lock Associate professor
egholm Liv Egholm Associate professor +4538153587
Michael Pedersen Associate professor +4538152656
Adriana Budeanu Associate professor +4538153462
bm0397_florence_villeseche-1218-websize.jpg Florence Villeseche Associate professor +4538154268
Dorthe Pedersen Associate professor +4538152187
Sven Junghagen Associate professor +4538152956
Morten S. Thanning Morten Sørensen Thaning Associate professor +4538152661
Benedikte Brincker Associate professor Leave: 01.02.2020-31.01.2021
Ana Maria Munar Associate professor +4538152538
Holger Højlund Associate professor Leave: 01.09.19-31.08.21
Lena Olaisson Lena Olaison Associate professor +4538153635
Peter Holdt Christensen Associate professor +4538153767
Daniel Souleles Associate professor +4538153761
Stefan Schwarzkopf Associate professor +4538153652
Marius Gudmand-Høyer Associate professor +4538152657
Rasmus Johnsen Rasmus Johnsen Associate professor +4538153645
Mads Mordhorst Mads Mordhorst Associate professor +4538153839
Christian Garmann Johnsen Associate professor +4538154293
Alfred Reckendrees Alfred Reckendrees Associate professor +4538152858
Søren Henning Jensen Associate professor +4538153819
Erik Hoejbjerg Erik Caparros Højbjerg Associate professor Leave: 01.01.20-31.12.20
Stefan Meisiek Associate professor +4538152654
Anders La Cour Associate professor +4538153553
Joachim Lund Associate professor +4538153262
Anders Ravn Sørensen Associate professor +4538152520
Ole Bjerg Ole Bjerg Associate professor +4538152813
Thomas Briebricher Thomas Biebricher Associate professor +4538153612
Niels Thyge Thygesen Associate professor +4538153554
Finn Hansson Associate professor emeritus +4538153822
Lars Heide Associate professor emeritus
Anje Schmidt Communication & Department Coordinator +4538153636
Anja Vega Frederiksen Department secretary +4538153639
Anders Raastrup Kristensen External lecturer
Søren Obed Madsen External lecturer +4538152975
Shannon Hessel Shannon Hessel External lecturer
mossin Christiane Mossin External lecturer
Dummy profile picture Finn Junge-Jensen External lecturer
Søren Friis Møller External lecturer
Christa foto Christa Breum Amhøj External lecturer +4538152482
Øjvind Larsen External lecturer +4538153794
Richard Ledborg Hansen External lecturer
Juan Price Juan José Price Elton PhD fellow
Harmat Jonathan Harmat PhD fellow +4538153588
Guo Xiao Chun Xiaochun Guo PhD fellow +4538153778
Dummy profile picture Stine Hald PhD fellow +4538153623
Stefanie Hansen Steinbeck Stefanie Hansen Steinbeck PhD fellow +4538153685
Christina Juhlin Christina Juhlin PhD fellow +4538153763
Dimitra Makri Andersen Dimitra Makri Andersen PhD fellow +4538153552
Christoph Viebig Christoph Viebig PhD fellow +4538153561
Dummy profile picture Martin Friis Nielsen PhD fellow +4538153629
Charlotte Biil PhD fellow
Morten Tinning Morten Tinning PhD fellow +4538153562
anne agerbak Anne Agerbak Bilde PhD fellow +4538154244
Dummy profile picture Pankaj Kumar PhD fellow +4538155779
Jette Sandager Jette Sandager PhD fellow +4538153699
Dorthe Thorning Mejlhede PhD fellow +4538152663
Lotte List Lotte List PhD fellow +4538153769
kogut Mads Kogut PhD fellow +4538153657
Sara Dahlman PhD fellow +4538153577
Eileen Murphy Eileen Murphy PhD fellow +4538153634
Mathilde Hjerrild Carlsen PhD fellow
Alice Neusiedler Alice Neusiedler PhD fellow +4538153511
Dummy profile picture Renee Ridgway PhD fellow
Luisa Hedler Ferreira Luisa Teresa Hedler Ferreira PhD fellow +4538153420
Laura Høvsgaard Maguire PhD fellow
Mette Nelund Mette Nelund PhD fellow +4538153654
cristine dyhrberg Cristine Dyhrberg Højgaard PhD fellow +4538153524
Michael Benned Hansen Michael Bennedsen Hansen PhD fellow +4538153563
jfc Jannick Friis Christensen Postdoc
Cathrine Bjørnholt Michaelsen Cathrine Bjørnholt Michaelsen Postdoc +4538153586
Ditte Holm Ditte Vilstrup Holm Postdoc +4538153677
Lydia Jørgensen Postdoc +4538153683
Birke Otto Birke Otto Postdoc +4538153766
Dummy profile picture Benjamin Ask Popp-Madsen Postdoc +4538153409
Amirabenali Amira Benali Postdoc +4538153653
Pernille Pedersen Pernille Pedersen Postdoc +4538153532
Ida Lunde Ida Lunde Jørgensen Postdoc +4538153522
Max Schellmann Maximilian Schellmann Postdoc +4538154289
Dummy profile picture Nicholas Skar-Gislinge Postdoc +4538153762
Daniel Hjorth Daniel Hjorth Professor +4538152653
Bent Meier Bent Meier Sørensen Professor +4538153768
Niels Åkerstrøm Andersen Professor +4538153664
Christina Lubinski Professor +4538152664
Christian Borch Professor +4538153627
Poul Fritz Kjaer Poul Fritz Kjær Professor +4538154281
Sverre Raffnsøe Professor +4538152885
Dummy profile picture Kurt Jacobsen Professor +4538152523
Lars Bo Kaspersen Professor +4538153542
Lotte Jensen Professor Leave: 01.03.2019-28.02.2021
Dummy profile picture Andrew Popp Professor +4538153672
Robin Holt Professor +4538153660
Dummy profile picture Per H. Hansen Professor +4538153214
Anker Brink Lund Professor +4538153599
Timon Beyes Professor +4538153648
Dan Wadhwani Professor
Flemming Poulfelt Professor emeritus +4538153638
Ole Thyssen Professor emeritus +4538153795
Pierre Guillet de Monthoux Professor emeritus +4538153650
Ove Kaj Pedersen Professor emeritus +4538153582
Mette Mønsted Professor emeritus
Ole Fogh Kirkeby Professor emeritus
Lita Lundqvist Lita Sander Lundquist Professor emeritus
Uffe Østergaard Professor emeritus
Per Øhrgaard Professor emeritus +4538153226
Ester Barinaga Professor with special responsibilities
Trine Bille Professor with special responsibilities +4538152548
Anna Leander Professor with special responsibilities +4538153119
Kaspar Villadsen Professor with special responsibilities +4538153649
Dummy profile picture Charlotte Cator Research assistant +4538153742
Dummy profile picture Morten Rishede Philipsen Research assistant
Kathrine Poulsen Kathrine Poulsen Student Assistant +4538153514
Frederik Winther Nielsen Frederik Winther Nielsen Student Assistant
Student assistant Anna Holm Pedersen Student assistant +4538153413
Dummy profile picture Christian Dahl Restorff Student assistant
Marlene Svendsen Marlene Svendsen Teaching administrator +4538153570
Dummy profile picture Haldor Byrkjeflot Visiting professor