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Thomas Briebricher

I am a political theorist with some training in Economics and Law as well, whose work is rooted in Habermasion and/or Foucaultian critical theory. Over the last decade, the emphasis of my research has been on the study of neoliberalism, both, in its ‘actually existing’ form and, particularly, its theoretical discourse. Lately, I have become interested in the (international) decline of mainstream/moderate conservatism and how it relates to larger tectonic shifts in the political landscape, the rise of ‘populism’ and the widely held diagnosis of a crisis of liberal democracy.


Primary research areas
  • Political Theory

  • Political Economy

  • Neoliberalism

  • Conservatism

  • European Union


Social media
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  • Fundamentals of Social Theory

  • Theories of Modern Society
Selected publications

Thomas Biebricher: The Political Theory of Neoliberalism. Stanford: Stanford University Press, 2019 

Thomas Biebricher:Geistig-moralische Wende: Die Erschöpfung des deutschen Konservatismus. Matthes&Seitz, 2018

Thomas Biebricher: Neoliberalism and Authoritarianism, in: Global Perspectives 1 (1), 2020:

Thomas Biebricher: Disciplining Europe: The Production of Economic Delinquency, in: Foucault Studies 23, 2017, pp.63-85

Thomas Biebricher: Soziale Marktwirtschaft und Ordoliberalismus zur Einführung. Hamburg: Junius, 2020 (with Ralf Ptak)


Publications sorted by:
Thomas Biebricher / Die liberale Einbildung : Kaltschnäuzige Steuersenker oder Freunde der Freiheit – wozu FDP?.
Berlin : Der Haupstadtbrief 12.9.2020
Net publication - Internet publication
Thomas Biebricher / Kanzlerwahlverein sucht Kapitän : Wer folgt auf Angela Merkel? Die Union befindet sich trotz Krisenhoch auf Sinnsuche.
Berlin : Der Haupstadtbrief 12.7.2020
Net publication - Internet publication