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PhD fellow

Room: POR/18.B-3.142
E-mail: rr.mpp@cbs.dk
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My current research explores the organisational, technological and ontological implications of ‘search engines’ on the user and is situated at the interstices of organisation theory, media studies and artistic research. My PhD entitled ‘Re:search - the Personalised Subject vs. the Anonymous User’ investigates the ‘personalisation’ of Google Search and develops alternative methods for seeking knowledge and querying the world wide web, such as with the anonymity browser Tor (The Onion Router). The research postulates whether the user can be anonymous online and proposes how the subject is organised through the habit of search, along with which subjectivities are produced en route.


Primary research areas
  • search
  • digital cultures
  • paid usership
  • platform capitalism
  • crowdfunding


Administrative tasks

Renée Ridgway is also a Research Associate DCRL (Digital Cultures Research Lab) at Leuphana Universität, Lüneburg, Germany. The Di­gi­tal Cul­tu­res Re­se­arch Lab (DCRL) aims to fur­ther de­ve­lop, sys­te­ma­ti­ze and in­ter­na­tio­na­li­ze the re­se­arch area of di­gi­tal me­dia. Former projects include co-organising Perfoming the Archive, a two-day symposium at DCRL at Leuphana University in January 2015. Unstable Infrastructures encompassed my research on platform capitalism in regard to digital solidarity.Terms of Media (I&II) is a two-fold research enquiry into the terms – the li­mits, the con­di­ti­ons, the pe­ri­ods, the re­la­ti­ons, the phra­ses – of me­dia, and the re­la­ti­ons­hip bet­ween the­se terms and de­ter­mi­na­ti­on. Furthermore the upcoming Non-knowledge conference in January 2016 will address the technological condition in regard to the production of knowledge in creative economies and media ecologies.


Social media
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Selected publications
Renée Ridgway / Search Engine
Renée Ridgway / Personalisation as Currency
Renee Ridgway / Crowdfunding : Monetizing the Crowd?.
Renée Ridgway (2017): Who’s Hacking Whom, Limn: Issue 8: Hacks, Leaks, and Breaches.

Renée Ridgway (2015) Hacking Crowdfunding, Hacking Habitat journal


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Renée Ridgway / Against a Personalisation of the Self
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Book chapter
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Article in proceedings
Renee Ridgway / Crowdfunding : Monetizing the Crowd?.
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