Department of Business Humanities and Law

Ledborg Hansen
External lecturer, PhD
+45 40184434

Presentation and academic fields

My research interests are centred on Leadership from an intra-personal perspective using psychodynamic systems theory combined with traditional Management Theory as well as various personal development theories. Leadership in the contextual application of driving and implementing strategic change and in particular the challenges surrounding resistance to change are key areas of interest.

Other topics of interests are Psychology of Organizations, Organizational Development, Group Dynamics, Unconscious Processes, Organizational Behaviour and Leadership Development, Talent Management in Knowledge Intensive Organizations, Management Consultancy and Process Consultancy


Primary Research fields

  • Leadership and Management
  • Systems Psychodynamics and Coaching
  • Strategic Change Management
  • Middle Managers
  • Innovation & Consultancy


Pedagogical experience/method skills/supervision

Cand. Merc. Elective – Leadership in Change

I have supervised a number of Master dissertations and a few Bachelor dissertations and enjoy that work. It’s a chance to give back and it is very gratifying to engage in the one-on-one discussions, sharing thoughts and reflections with the students.


Other Teaching Activities

HD 2 – Leadership of Financial Institutions