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Paolo Raffaelli
Presentation and academic fields

I currently teach the course Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation, a strategy for sustainability in Lund University, Sweden.

I’ve been researching the social economy for the last 10 years, in particular, I studied co-operatives, social enterprises, voluntary organisations, community organisations and charities in different settings in Europe and Latin America. I consider the current economic system is very unfair, specially for those living in the global South, and there are alternatives emerging from this context that deserve wider recognition in order to shape an economic order that includes everyone. My current research project is on Grassroots Financial Innovations and Social Entrepreneurship, where I study collective economic innovations as a way to improve communities’ financial situation, particularly in terms of community currencies.

Professional and/or academic experience

Primary research areas:

Social Entrepreneurship, Social Innovation, Sustainable organisations, Social Economy.


Nowak, V. & Raffaelli, P. (2022) The interconnected influences of institutional and social embeddedness on processes of social innovation: A Polanyian perspective. In: Entrepreneurship and Regional Development. 34, 3-4, p. 319-342 

Barinaga, E., Honzawa, A., Ocampo, J., Raffaelli, P. & Ussher, L. (2021) Commons-based monies for an inclusive and resilient future. In Climate Adaptation: Accounts of Resilience, Self-Sufficiency and Systems Change. Arkbound, p. 301-321 20 p.

Raffaelli, P. & Scott Cato, M. (2017) The social and solidarity economy in Argentina and the UK: convergence from opposite directions. In Towards Just and Sustainable Economies: The Social and Solidarity Economy North and South. North, P. & Scott Cato, M. (eds.). Bristol: Policy Press, p. 275-293

Raffaelli, P. (2016) Social and Solidarity Economy in a neoliberal context: transformative or palliative? The case of an Argentinian worker co-operative. In: Journal of Entrepreneurship and Organizational Diversity. 5, 1, p. 33 53 p.

Pedagogical experience/method skills/supervision

I supervise theses that utilise qualitative methodologies

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