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Pierre Guillet de
Director of CBS Art Initiative

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My first field of research was strangely enough industrial markets after which i shifted to the study of enterprise and action in classical political economy. Then I was fascinated by the tension between freedom and norms and its relevance to understanding the emergence of the industrial institution of standardization. It seemed that industrial economy could be regarded as an aesthetic affair and that such a perspective might be informed by Kantian philosophy especially the third Critique of Judgement. It then appeared rather obvious that art might provide an illustrative shortcut to grasping what creative management might be about and how leadership in industry and successful artists have traits in common.
My proposition for both research and teaching goes; Art is a way to come closer to creativity in organizations and aesthetics is the philosophical approach best suited to articulate how it works!
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Publications & dissemination
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Book chapter
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Book chapter
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Book chapter
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Journal article
Matt Statler; Pierre Guillet de Monthoux / Humanities and Arts in Management Education : The Emerging Carnegie Paradigm.
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Journal article
Pierre Guillet de Monthoux / Terrorist/Anarchist/Artist : Why Bother?.
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Journal article
Pierre Guillet de Monthoux; Matt Statler / Theory U : Rethinking Business as Practical European Philosophy.
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Book chapter
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Book chapter
Pierre Guillet de Monthoux / Le Schwung de la performance
In: Pour une éthique de la performance. ed. /Olivier Lenoir. Paris : L'Harmattan 2013, p. 113-118
Book chapter
Pierre Guillet de Monthoux / Masters of Business Art : Visiting Art and Business in Europe 2000-2005.
In: Experiencing Organisations: New Aesthetic Perspectives. . ed. /Ian W. King; Jonathan Vickery. Faringdon : Libri Publishing 2013, p. 205-221
Book chapter
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