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Mette Mønsted is a sociologist (1971) with a PhD from CBS (1985). My research has been on development research in East Africa in the 70es, then focus on small business research in the 80es. Since then the focus has been on high tech firms, networks and collaborations, innovation and research management, knowledge management, and entrepreneurship. MM has been head of department of MPP, head of the doctoral school, and recently Vice dean at CBS for entrepreneurship. She has been participating in the national research council on social science, and strategic research councils committees as well as several international research committees.

Primary research areas
  • Innovation management
  • Network management  with management of collaborations
  • Entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Research and knowledge management


Curriculum Vitae
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Christine Henriques, PhD, 3 students writing master thesis, 4 executive students (LAICS) writing master thesis


Other teaching activities

LAICS executive teaching


Selected publications
  • Hansson, F. & M. Mønsted (2012) "Changing the Peer Review or changing the Peers – Recent Development in Assessment of Large Research Collaborations". Higher Education Policy 25 pp. 361-379
  • Moensted, M.(2010)  "Networking management in Small High Tech Firms". International Journal of Management. April 2010 vol. 27(1)
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  • Bernasconi, M., S. Harris & M. Moensted (eds.) (2006) "High-tech Entrepreneurship – Managing innovation, variety and uncertainty". Routledge, London
  • Mønsted, M. (2005) "Complex project management in small high-technology firms: small firms as Learning Models?" Buono, A.& Poulfelt, F.(eds.) Issues and Challenges in Knowledge Management. Vol. 5 in Management Consulting series. Information Age Publishing Inc, Boston Mass. Pp. 271-289


Publications & dissemination
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Journal article
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Journal article
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Journal article