Department of Management, Politics and Philosophy

Head of Department
Professor, Dr. scient. pol, PhD

Room: POR/18.B-4.139
E-mail: lje.mpp@cbs.dk
Primary research areas
  • Government coordination
  • The role of Finance ministries in Denmark and comparatively
  • Core executive strategies and institutions
  • Comparative governance
  • Governance theory
  • Expenditure politics and budgeting
  • Social housing governance
  • Network governance
  • Institutional theory
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My research portfolio bifurcates in two distinct areas:
  1. Core executive governance and institutionalization of economic and budgetary governance. Since 2000 I have worked with central government coordination, particularly the Ministry of Finance and its role in a Danish and international context. I have conducted several large empirical field- and archive studies inside government and participated in comparative projects on core executive governance and institutional strategies concerning policy development, expenditure politics and budgeting.

  2. Public governance in the intersection between local government and the third sector, focusing particularly on the decentralization of social housing policy. Since the 1990s I have dealt with local governance, notably in the social housing sector, covering 20% of the housing market. Departing from a governance approach, I investigate the integration of local political mobilization and public management in local policy making and administrative practices. I have worked in a historical and comparative perspective with welfare housing markets and currently focus on a recent reform in local governance relations and technologies.

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Selected publications
Lotte Jensen: The reality of budget reform in OECD Nations. Edward Elgar Publishers with (with John Wanna og Jouke de Vries), 2010
Lotte Jensen: ’Væk fra afgrunden. Finansministeriet som økonomiskstyringsaktør’ (Escaping the Abyss. The Finance Ministry as economic governance actor) 665 pages, Syddansk Universitetsforlag, 2008


Publications & dissemination
Lotte Jensen; Sysser Davidsen / The Global Financial Crisis in Denmark and Sweden : A Case of Crisis Management 'Lite'.
In: The Global Financial Crisis and its Budget Impacts in OECD Nations: Fiscal Responses and Future Challenges. . ed. /John Wanna; Evert A. Lindquist; Jouke de Vries. Cheltenham : Edward Elgar Publishing, Incorporated 2015, p. 174-204
Book chapter
Lotte Jensen; Torben Skovgaard Andersen; Stig Henneberg / Statens budget : Processer, rammer og aktører.
In: Budgetplanlægning og offentlige udgifter. ed. /Peter Munk Christiansen. København : Hans Reitzel 2014, p. 125-169 (Statskundskab, No. 8)
Book chapter
Lotte Jensen / Housing Welfare Policies in Scandinavia : A Comparative Perspective on a Transition Era.
In: LHI Journal of Land, Housing, and Urban Affairs, Vol. 4, No. 2, 2013, p. 133-144
Journal article
Bo Bengtsson; Erling Annaniassen; Lotte Jensen; Hannu Ruonavaara; Jón Rúnar Sveinsson / Varför så olika? : Nordisk bostadspolitik i jämförande historiskt ljus.
2.ed.Malmö : Égalité.se 2013, 477 p.
Lotte Jensen / The Self-suspension of Government : Hybrid Reform Technologies as a Response to the Government's Welfare State Conundrum.
In: Hybrid Forms of Governance: Self-suspension of Power. . ed. /Niels Åkerstrøm Andersen; Inger-Johanne Sand. Basingstoke : Palgrave Macmillan 2012, p. 124-147
Book chapter
Lotte Jensen / Introducing Dialogue Governance in Danish Social Housing : Opportunities and Challenges to Tenant Democracy.
Paper presented at International Symposium on Social and Affordable Housing. 2011, 2011
Lotte Jensen / Steering from the Centre in Denmark
In: Steering from the Centre: Strengthening Political Control in Western Democracies. . ed. /Carl Dahlström; B. Guy Peters; Jon Pierre. Toronto : University of Toronto Press 2011, p. 212-240
Book chapter
Lotte Jensen; David Fjord Nielsen / Budget Reform in Denmark
In: The Reality of Budgetary Reform in OECD Nations . ed. /Lotte Jensen; John Wanna; Jouke de Vries . Cheltenham : Edward Elgar Publishing, Incorporated 2010, p. 193-221
Book chapter
Niels Fuglsang; Lotte Jensen / Magtens mekanismer : Regeringens udvalgsstruktur og koordineringspraksis under Nyrup og Fogh.
In: Samfundsoekonomen, No. 2, 4.2010, p. 17-23
Journal article
Lotte Jensen; John Wanna; Jouke de Vries / The Reality of Budgetary Reform in OECD Nations : Trajectories and Consequences.
Cheltenham : Edward Elgar Publishing, Incorporated 2010, 328 p.
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