Department of Management, Politics and Philosophy

Juan José
Price Elton
PhD fellow

Room: POR/18.B-3.147
E-mail: jjpe.mpp@cbs.dk
Juan Price

I am working under the joint supervision of Professor (mso) Trine Bille (Copenhagen Business School) and Professor David Throsby (Macquarie University, Australia) on my PhD thesis “The economics of Danish museums: A stochastic frontier approach”.

Economist (Universidad de Chile, 1998-2002) and MPA in Public and Economic Policy (London School of Economics, 2009-2011)

Primary research areas
  • Economics of the arts sector
  • Cultural policy
  • Economics of innovation
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2019 (CBS, Denmark). Cultural Economics and Policy, BSc Business Administration and Service Management (CBS)

  • “The cultural value of Danish music Exports" Mads Ravnsbæk Sørensen. MSoSC in Management of Creative Business processes. Copenhagen Business School, 2019
  • “Business models and social value creation: The ruin bars in Budapest” Blanka Magdolna Hankiss. MSoSC in Management of Creative Business processes. Copenhagen Business School, 2019 (in progress)
  • “A methodology for evaluating the impact of direct fiscal support to the film industry” Ingrid Garrido, Undergraduate BA in Economics, U. de Chile 2013
  • “An inequality index in the case of cultural participation” (Claudia Gamboa, MPP, U. de Chile 2017)
  • “Arts education and cultural participation” Anne Thibault, MPP Universidad de Chile 2012
Other teaching activities
  • 2013-2016 (Catholic University of Chile). Lecturer in Cultural Economics and Cultural Policy (Undergraduate program in Economics)
  • 2012-2016 (Universidad de Chile). Lecturer in Microeconomics (Undergraduate program in Economics), Cultural Economics and Cultural Policy (Undergraduate program in Economics), Economics I (Masters program in Cultural Management)
Selected publications

Research output

  • “Estudio de valoración contingente de la red de bibliotecas públicas de Chile” (with B.A. Seaman, A. Báez and A. Rebolledo). Estudios Públicos 146, 87-117. Fall 2017 
  • “The role of IP protection in the Chilean mining industry” (with C. Bravo-Ortega), forthcoming in A. Daly, D. Humphreys, J. Raffo and G. Valacchi (Eds.) Global challenges for innovation and IP in the Mining industries. World Intellectual Property Organization. Geneva.
  • “Evolution of the Public Institution of Science, Technology and Innovation in Chile: 1990-2012”, in Gabriela Dutrénit y Gustavo Crespi (eds.) Science, Technology and Innovation Policies for Development: the Latin American Experience. Springer International Publishing (with José M. Benavente, 2014)
  • “Matchfunding: Una alternativa de financiamiento para las industrias creativas”. Inter-American Development Bank. Discussion Paper 647 https://doi.org/10.18235/0001554 (with Felipe Mujica, 2018) “Apoyo público a las artes y la cultura: Una mirada desde la economía”, with J.M.Benavente, in Cultura: Oportunidad de Desarrollo, Chilean National Council for the Culture and the Arts (CNCA, 2011).
  • “Algunas respuestas económicas a preguntas de política cultural”. Revista de Gestión Cultural Nº9, Universidad de Chile. ISSN 0719-6369
Publications sorted by:
Claudio Bravo-Ortega; Juan Price Elton / Innovation and IP Rights in the Chilean Copper Mining Sector : The Role of the Mining, Equipment, Technology and Services Firms.
Genève : World Intellectual Property Organization 2019, 30 p. (Economic Research Working Paper, No. 54)
Working paper
Juan Price Elton; Felipe Mujica / Matchfunding : Una alternativa de financiamiento para las industrias creativas.
Washington, D.C. : Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo 2018, 28 p. (Documento para Discusión, No. IDB-DP-647 )
Working paper
Academic Interests

“Economic rationale for cultural policy”. First meeting of the Cultural Policy Seminar Series, Centro de Estudios Públicos, Santiago de Chile. Published in Estudios Públicos 144, Spring 2016, 7-34. ISSN: 0716-1115 (print edition), 0718-3089 (online edition).
“Contingent valuation applied to the Chilean Network of Public Libraries” (with Bruce Seaman and Andrea Báez). Presented by coauthor Bruce Seaman, 19th International Conference on Cultural Economics Valladolid, 21-24 June 2016.
“Impact of academic research on scientific public policies: the case of Chile” (presented at the 2012 LALICS Meeting, Mexico DF).

Outside activities

Other projects
“The Baumol Cost Disease in the Local Transit Sector: An analysis for Latin America” Inter-American Development Bank (2018) (forthcoming, Working Paper Series, IADB, Washington DC)
“Preserving historic neighborhoods: An economic analysis applied to historic districts in Santiago” (Consultancy for the Inter-American Development Bank, 2015).
“Building Research Data Centers in Chile: The use of publicly generated information to stimulate high quality research on innovation, productivity and economic development” National Council for Innovation (Under Secretariat of Economics, Chile) (with C. Bravo-Ortega, A. Farren and H. Herrera).
“Economic Assessment of the Chilean Network of Public Libraries”. Consultancy for the Budget Office, Ministry of Finance, Chile (2016)
“Economic Assessment of the Red Cultura (Cultural Network) Program”. Consultancy for the Budget Office, Ministry of Finance, Chile (Feb-July 2015)
“A double dichotomous CVM applied to the Chilean Network of Public Libraries” (with Bruce Seaman, Andrea Báez and Andrea Rebolledo) Chilean Agency for Archives, Museums and Libraries, DIBAM. 2014-2015
“Data Envelopment Analysis applied to the Chilean Network of Public Libraries” Chilean Network of Public Libraries, DIBAM. 2013