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In the midst of one of the worst financial, economic and social crises in post-war history an ideological disagreement has come to dominate the debate. On the one hand, right wing inclined observers regard the State at best as an outdated way of meeting needs and generating demand; at worst as deterrent to business initiative, efficient service delivery and citizen action. On the other side of the spectrum, left wing inclined analysts consider the State to be a central actor in providing welfare services, supporting the business sector, developing citizen capacity and strengthening civil society. That is, the “Big Society debate” – as it has been dubbed in the UK – is largely an ideological debate on the role to be played by the State in our societies in general and in alleviating the current crisis in particular. It is, too, a debate on the consequent role to be played by civil society at large, and the non-profit sector in particular.

In other words, the debate on the role of the state is also a debate on the form to be taken by civil society. This has led to the introduction of a new language of social action, civic engagement and social entrepreneurship as well as an increased focus on the centrality of the civil society sector for the renewal and sustainability of our societies. Having that as a background, my research focuses on  the strategies, methods and tools used by civil society initiatives in their efforts to ignite social change, with a particular emphasis on those initiatives addressing ethnic marginalization and stigmatization in our societies.


Primary research areas
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Micro-finance
  • Complementary and community currencies
  • Arts and social change
  • Engaged Scholarship
Administrative tasks

Ester Barina holds currently a 20% professorship at CBS

Curriculum Vitae
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Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Masters level)

Qualitative Methods (Bachelor level)

Re-imagining Capitalism (Masters level)

Co-coordinator of the Minor in Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Business



Selected publications
  • Barinaga, E. 2017. “Community Arts: On the precarious compromise between the inspirational and the civic worlds.” In Raviola, E. & Zackariasson (eds.), The Arts and Business: building a common ground for understanding current society. Routledge.
  • Barinaga, E. 2017. “Tinkering with space: The organizational practices of a nascent social venture.” Organization Studies.
  • Barinaga, E. 2016. “Engaged Scholarship: Taking responsibility for the politics of our method mediations.” In Landström, H., Parhankangas, A. & Riot, P. (eds.), Challenging entrepreneurship research. London: Routledge.
  • Barinaga, E. 2014. “Micro-finance in a developed welfare state: A hybrid technology for the government of the outcast.” Geoforum, 51:27–36.
  • Barinaga, E. 2013. “Politicising Social Entrepreneurship: Three Social Entrepreneurial Rationalities towards Social Change.” Journal of Social Entrepreneurship, 4(3): 347–372.
  • Barinaga, E. 2010. 2010. Powerful Dichotomies: Inclusion and exclusion in the Information Society. Stockholm: EFI.

  • Barinaga, E. 2007. “’Cultural diversity’ at work: ‘National culture’ as a discourse organizing an international project group.” Human Relations, 60 (2): 315–340.


Publications sorted by:
Ester Barinaga / Coopted! Mission Drift in a Social Venture Engaged in a Cross-sectoral Partnership
In: Voluntas, Vol. 31, No. 2, 4.2020, p. 437-449
Journal article > peer review
Ester Barinaga; Michael Oloko; Will O. Ruddick / Community Currencies as Means of Local Economic Empowerment : Innovations from Mombasa and Nairobi to Kisumu, Kenya.
Visby : Swedish International Centre for Local Democracy, ICLD 2019, 4 p. (Policy Brief, No. 4)
Working paper
Maria Jose Zapata Campos; Ester Barinaga; Jaan-Henrik Kain; Michael Oloko; Patrik Zapata / Organising Grassroots Initiatives for a More Inclusive Governance : Constructing the City from Below.
Visby : Swedish International Centre for Local Democracy, ICLD 2019, 36 p. (Research Report, No. 15)
Ester Barinaga / Transforming or Reproducing an Unequal Economy? : Solidarity and Inequality in a Community Currency.
In: International Journal of Community Currency Research, Vol. 23, No. 2, 9.2019, p. 2-16
Journal article > peer review
Ester Barinaga / Do Critical Management Scholars Take Responsibility for the Performative Consequences of Their Concepts and Methods?
In: Ephemera: Theory & politics in organization, Vol. 18, No. 2, 2018, p. 397-402
Book review > peer review
Ester Barinaga / Community Arts : On the Precarious Compromise between the Inspirational and the Civic Worlds.
In: Arts and Business: Building a Common Ground for Understanding Society. . ed. /Elena Raviola; Peter Zackariasson. New York : Routledge 2017, p. 104-117 (Routledge Research in Creative and Cultural Industries Management)
Book chapter > peer review
Ester Barinaga / ECO-Kitchen
In: Educating Social Entrepreneurs, Vol. II: From Business Plan Formulation to Implementation. . ed. /Paul Miesing; Maria Aggestam. New York : Business Expert Press 2017, p. 83-91 (The Principles for Responsible Management Education Collection)
Book chapter > peer review
Ester Barinaga / Land, Labour, Capital : Solidarity and Inequality in a Community Currency.
Paper presented at IV International Conference on Social and Complementary Currencies, 2017
Paper > peer review
Ester Barinaga / Tinkering with Space : The Organizational Practices of a Nascent Social Venture.
In: Organization Studies, Vol. 38, No. 7, 7.2017, p. 937-958
Journal article > peer review
Ester Barinaga / Activism in Business Education : Making the Social Sciences Practical for Social Entrepreneurs.
In: The Routledge Companion to Reinventing Management Education. ed. /Chris Steyaert; Timon Beyes; Martin Parker. Abingdon : Routledge 2016, p. 298-311 (Routledge Companions in Business, Management and Accounting)
Book chapter > peer review
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Outside activities
  • Professor at Lund University, 2019-
  • Fellow at the University of Southern California