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Room: POR/18.B-4.144
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My research explores political, legal and cultural aspects of societal transformations while building on interdisciplinary approaches in the intersection between political philosophy and sociology, structural anthropology, law and legal history.

Currently, I am engaged in studying different forms of collectivity with a view to their implications for social order and change.

These studies are conducted through three overall prisms:

  • contemporary manifestations of collectivity — from mass phenomena of capitalism to particularized constellations of civil society
  • inherited discourses of collectivity — such as private law discourses of ‘legal persons’, anthropological discourses of ‘primitive’ versus ‘modern’ societies, or sociological discourses of ‘modern masses’ — and the demonizations/ idealizations they have engendered
  • fundamental issues of collective subjectivity vis-à-vis individual subjectivity— including tensions between life and language, ambiguities of categorical distinctions, and the role of sacralization and mythological exchange.

Theoretically, I draw on a variety of thinkers from the continental traditions of political, social and legal ideas. However, main sources of inspiration are: GWF. Hegel, Carl Schmitt, Theodor Adorno, Claude Lévi-Strauss, Georges Bataille, Jacques Derrida and Giorgio Agamben.

Primary research areas
  • Political theory and philosophy
  • Civil society and forms of collectivity
  • Constitutional principles of modern states
  • Legal history
  • Political theology


Curriculum Vitae
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  • Filosofi 3: Grundlagstænkning: Spørgsmål angående væren og viden (Questioning the fundamentals of being and knowledge) (HA(fil))
  • Transforming the Corporation (elective)
  • Magt og Kommunikation (Power and Communication) (Cand.soc. PKL)
  • Erhvervsøkonomiens videnskabsteori (Philosophy of Science and Business Research Methodology) (HA)
  • Bachelor- and master-level projects; master theses
  • HA(fil); Cand.merc.(fil); Cand.soc. PKL; MSc OIE
  • Students from other programmes are welcome as well.


Other teaching activities

I teach philosophy and social/ political theory at The Danish National School of Performing Arts and at The Danish Academy of Creative Writing (Forfatterskolen)

Selected publications
  • "Civilsamfundet som omdrejningspunkt for modernitetens dilemmaer og kampe”, in Civilsamfundet i Statens Skygge, Hans Reitzel (forthcoming Winter 2021/22)
  • “Dear Beatrice. The never written memoir of a guild socialist” in Georg Kamphausen (ed.) Zünfte und Golden Genossenschaften in Geschichte; Gegenwart und Zukunft. Velbrück Verlag (forthcoming Winter 2021/22)
  • “Explosive Publics in the Interzones of Political Theology and Political Mythology”, in Mitchell Dean, Stefan Schwarzkopf, Lotte List (ed), Political Theology Today, Bloomsbury (forthcoming 2022)
  • Masses on the Stages og Democracy. Democratic Promises and Dangers in Self-dramatizations of Masses (forthcoming in Thesis Eleven, issue 168, due in February 2022)
  • “Det danske civilsamfund i spændingsfeltet mellem statscentralisme, pluralisme, og ‘dobbelt-demokrati’” in Civilsamfundet i Statens Skygge, Hans Reitzel (forthcoming Winter 2021/22)
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Christiane Mossin / Ein Brief G.D.H. Coles an einen Freund
In: Genossenschaften in Vergangenheit, Gegenwart und Zukunft. ed. /Georg Kamphausen. Weilerswist-Metternich : Velbrück Wissenschaft 2021
Book chapter > peer review
Christiane Mossin / Masses on the Stages of Democracy : Democratic Promises and Dangers in Self-dramatizations of Masses.
In: Thesis Eleven, Vol. 167, No. 1, 12.2021, p. 58-76
Journal article > peer review
Christiane Mossin / Past and Present Futures of Democracy : The Danish Peasants’ Movement as Democracy Instigator and Cultural Mythologizer.
In: Civil Society: Between Concepts and Empirical Grounds. . ed. /Liv Egholm; Lars Bo Kaspersen. Abingdon : Routledge 2021, p. 128-144 (Routledge Advances In Sociology)
Book chapter > peer review
Christiane Mossin / The Modern Conceptual History of Civil Society
In: Civil Society: Between Concepts and Empirical Grounds. . ed. /Liv Egholm; Lars Bo Kaspersen. Abingdon : Routledge 2021, p. 31-47 (Routledge Advances In Sociology)
Book chapter > peer review
Christiane Mossin / Vergessene Potenziale assoziativen Lebens : Pluralismus, Funktionalismus und Freiheit bei G.D.H. Cole und H.J. Laski.
In: Forschungsjournal Soziale Bewegungen, Vol. 29, No. 3, 2016, p. 181-190
Journal article > peer review
Christiane Mossin / Heterogeneous Logics of Competition : Competition as a Socially Organizing Phenomenon Seen through the Prism of EU Rights.
In: Distinktion, Vol. 16, No. 2, 2015, p. 229-244
Journal article > peer review
Christiane Mossin / Interzones of Law and Metaphysics : Hierarchies, Logics and Foundations of Social Order Seen Through the Prism of EU Social Rights.
Frederiksberg : Copenhagen Business School [Phd] 2015, 858 p. (PhD series, No. 02.2015)
Ph.D. thesis
Christiane Mossin / Krise og subjektiv forarmelse : Den historiefilosofiske krisebevidstheds kollaps.
In: Kritik, No. 214, 2015, p. 6-17
Journal article > peer review
Christiane Mossin / Creation, Destruction and Continuity of Order
In: Rousseau and Revolution. ed. /Holger Ross Lauritsen; Mikkel Thorup. London : Continuum International Publishing Group 2011, p. 133-151 (Continuum Studies in Political Philosophy)
Book chapter > peer review
Christiane Mossin / Flexicurity mellem "historiens" og "forandringens" mysterier
In: Offentligt eller privat?: Historiske og aktuelle udfordringer i politik og økonomi. . ed. /Lars Bo Kaspersen; Joachim Lund; Ole Helby Petersen. København : Djøf Forlag 2010, p. 269-283
Book chapter > peer review
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