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Room: POR/18.A-2.18b
E-mail: cbo.mpp@cbs.dk

My research centres on economic sociology, especially new developments within algorithmic finance (including high-frequency trading). I have a long-standing interest in how particular forms of knowledge, in the form of scholarly semantics, have political effects. I have examined this in studies of crime semantics (my PhD) and crowd semantics, the latter culminating with my award-winning book, The Politics of Crowds: An Alternative History of Sociology (Cambridge UP, 2012). In addition to this, I am interested in architecture and urban sociology, in particular in issues relating to atmospheres and atmospheric politics.

Primary research areas
  • Crowds
  • Political sociology
  • Economic sociology
  • Architecture and urban space
  • Social theory (e.g. Gabriel Tarde, Nikas Luhmann, Peter Sloterdijk, Michel Foucault)
Curriculum Vitae
Social media
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  • Politik, stat og kommunikation' (cand.soc. programme in Political Management and Communication)
  • Theories of Contemporary Society I', BA programme in Business Administration and Sociology
  • I supervise MA and PhD students within my research areas.
Selected publications
  • The Politics of Crowds: An Alternative History of Sociology. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2012.
  • Niklas Luhmann (Key Sociologists). London and New York: Routledge, 2011.
  • 'Body to Body: On the Political Anatomy of Crowds', Sociological Theory 27(3), 2009: 271–90.
  • 'Foam architecture: managing co-isolated associations', Economy and Society 37(4), 2008: 548–71.
  • ‘Crowds and economic life: bringing an old figure back in’, Economy and Society 36(4), 2007: 549–73.
Publications sorted by:
Christian Borch (Editor) / Imitation, Contagion, Suggestion : On Mimesis and Society.
Abingdon : Routledge 2019, 234 p. (CRESC. Culture, Economy and the Social)
Anthology > peer review
Kristian Bondo Hansen; Christian Borch / Market Mimesis : Imitation, Contagion, and Suggestion in Financial Markets.
In: Imitation, Contagion, Suggestion: On Mimesis and Society. . ed. /Christian Borch. Abingdon : Routledge 2019, p. 91-106 (CRESC. Culture, Economy and the Social)
Book chapter > peer review
Christian Borch / Postmetropolis
In: The Wiley Blackwell Encyclopedia of Urban and Regional Studies. ed. /Anthony M. Orum. Hoboken, NJ : Wiley-Blackwell 2019 (Wiley Blackwell Encyclopedias in Social Sciences)
Encyclopedia chapter > peer review
Christian Borch / The Imitative, Contagious, and Suggestible Roots of Modern Society : Towards a Mimetic Foundation of Social Theory.
In: Imitation, Contagion, Suggestion: On Mimesis and Society. . ed. /Christian Borch. Abingdon : Routledge 2019, p. 3-34 (CRESC. Culture, Economy and the Social)
Book chapter > peer review
Lydia Jørgensen; Christian Borch / Arkitektur og politik : Atmosfæriske refleksioner ud fra Böhme og Sloterdijk.
In: Politik, Vol. 21, No. 2, 2018, p. 7-21
Journal article > peer review
Christian Borch / Cool Trading
: New School 2018 (Limn)
Net publication - Internet publication > peer review
Christian Borch / Algorithmic Finance and (Limits to) Governmentality : On Foucault and High-frequency Trading.
In: Le Foucaldien, Vol. 3, No. 1, 2017, p. 1-17
Journal article > peer review
Christian Borch; Ann-Christina Lange / High-frequency Trader Subjectivity : Emotional Attachment and Discipline in an Era of Algorithms.
In: Socio-Economic Review, Vol. 15, No. 2, 2017, p. 283-306
Journal article > peer review
Christian Borch / Kalabaliklar ve Demokrasi : Kalabaliklarin Siyaseti Üzerine Post-Liberal Düsünceler.
In: Kitleleri Yeniden Düşünmek: Hukuk, Şiddet ve Demokrasi. . ed. /Zeynep Kocak. Istanbul : İstanbul Bilgi Üniversitesi Yayınlari 2017, p. 73-84
Book chapter
Christian Borch / Le Bon, Gustave
In: The Wiley-Blackwell Encyclopedia of Social Theory. ed. /Bryan S. Turner; Chang Kyung-Sup; Cynthia F. Epstein; Peter Kivisto; J. Michael Ryan; William Outhwaite. Chichester : Wiley-Blackwell 2017 (Wiley Blackwell Encyclopedias in Social Sciences, Vol. 1)
Encyclopedia chapter > peer review
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Enel, 31 March 2019:  Talk: 'Algo-trading: Situazione, possibile evoluzione e impatti su mercati e operatori’, Enel Global Trading Day, Rome.