Department of Business Humanities and Law

External lecturer, PhD
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Anders Bordum
Presentation and academic fields

My academic interests can be found within the following theoretical fields, that I have taught and researched over the years:

  • Critical Theory - e.g., Jürgen Habermas
  • Political Theory - e.g., Democracy
  • Strategic Management
  • Change Management
  • Philosophy of Science and Epistemology
  • Values Based Leadership
  • Philosophy of Language
  • Entrepreneurship and Learning processes
  • Knowledge-based Management
  • Ethics and CSR
  • Moral Philosophy
  • Human Resource Management
  • Power and Leadership
  • Strategic Management Communication
Professional and/or academic experience

I am educated as MA in Political Science (cand.scient.pol.) from University of Copenhagen, and as PhD with distinction in Business and Economics from Copenhagen Business School. I have worked since 1992 at CBS, as assistant professor, post doc., associate professor, and now as external associate professor.

My dissertation, is Anders Bordum (1997): Diskursetikken og Det Etiske Regnskab: - Principper for Ledelse mellem Magt og Konsensus. Ph.d. afhandling i Det Erhvervsøkonomiske Fakultets Ph.D. serie fra Handelshøjskolen i København via Samfundslitteratur. 478 Sider.

Selected publications:

Anders Bordum (2010) In: Habermas II. / red. David M. Rasmussen ; James Swindal. Bd. 2 Los Angeles : Sage Publications, 2010. s. 383-403 (Sage masters in modern Political Thought). 

Anders Bordum (2014): Forandringslederstil. Human Resource Management Håndbogen, p.361-371. Børsen LEDELSEShåndbøger. Børsens Forlag 2014.

Anders Bordum (2001): Diskursetik og den positive selvreference - Jürgen Habermas' kommunikative etik. Frederiksberg: Samfundslitteratur. 378 sider.

Anders Bordum (2016): Strategisk Ledelseskommunikation, p.269-283 in Jørn Helder & Jens Lautrup Nørgaard (ed.): Kommunikationsteori - En Grundbog (2. udgave), Hans Reitzels Forlag.

Anders Bordum (2010): The Strategic Balance in a Change Management Perspective, Society and Business Review, Vol.5, Issue 3, pp.245-258. Emerald Publishing.

Anders Bordum (2007): Managing Innovation Potential: Revisiting Plato and Reading John Dewey as a Philosopher of Innovation Management. Philosophy of Management (Reason in Practice) Volume 6, Number 1, December 2007, p.64-80.

Anders Bordum & Jacob Holm Hansen (2005): Strategisk Ledelseskommunikation – Erhvervslivets ledelse med visioner, missioner og værdier. København: DJØF Forlag. 420 Sider.

Anders Bordum (2002): From Tacit Knowing to Tacit Knowledge - Emancipation or Ideology? Critical Quarterly, Volume 44, No.3, Autumn 2002. Great Britain: Blackwell Publishers.

Pedagogical experience/method skills/supervision

I have worked with teaching and supervision since 1992, at Copenhagen Business School and University of Southern Denmark (SDU) 2006-2016. I supervise Bachelor as well as Master level. I take a great interest in theoretically informed approaches, and have high demands to method and philosophy of science. My method of supervising takes its point of departure in the students ideas, and are based on a dialogue on the subject matter.

Ask me in a mail if you have a thesis proposal, and I will answer whether its within my field of expertise and current interest.