Department of Management, Politics and Philosophy


MPP continuously renew ourselves as a creative-critical research and educational environment that engages with contemporary societal challenges and provides a central force in establishing CBS as a genuine Business University with clear social sciences and humanities edges



MPP is an internationally recognized humanities and social science department within CBS that offers creative and innovative pedagogy and research based on intellectual depth and critical theory, that crosses boundaries and connects diverse perspectives. Our faculty has earned a reputation for high-quality disciplinary, interdisciplinary as well as transdisciplinary research and education. They are recognized as leaders in theoretically inspired but empirically grounded research within and across history, philosophy, management, politics, law, sociology, anthropology and cultural economics.

Our Vision

  • Our critical, compassionate and creative intellectual endeavours define and enhance humanity within business and social organization as a transformational potential for society, for our students and for ourselves.
  • We thus seek to be placed where diverse disciplines meet key stakeholders in business, government and civil society in an effort to understand the radically transformative processes affecting individuals and society.

Our Mission

  • We are dedicated to the study of the condition of the human and social organization within multiple environments and intersections of work and business, nature and society, law and the state, governance and civil association.
  • We are committed to disciplinary, interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary excellence in our research and educational programmes in the humanities and social sciences in fields of law, history, philosophy, management, politics, sociology, anthropology and cultural economics.
  • We are curious, critical and innovative in our approach to major opportunities and dilemmas facing business and society, and business in society.
  • We critical interrogate the governance, production and transformation of forms of subjectivity in different forms of social organization.
  • We leverage and critically deepen our understanding of our international diversity and the Nordic model to take responsibility for societal challenges and democratic ideals crossing the boundaries of private, public and civil society sectors.

At MPP we are organised in five research groups - Management & Entrepreneurship / Management Philosophy / Political Management / Business History. / CBS LAW. The academic disciplines are in this way nutured while cultivating cross-disciplinary research, theme-orientation and discussions in-between groups. Read more about the groups' specific research areas by following the links.





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