Department of Management, Politics and Philosophy


The vision of MPP is to continuously renew ourselves as a creative-critical research and educational environment that engages with contemporary societal challenges and provides a central force in establishing CBS as a genuine Business University with clear social sciences and humanities edges




The common characteristic of research at MPP is the effort to move beyond ordinary disciplinary boundaries of political science, philosophy and history via a critical-constructive dialogue with management research and so to engage with the fields of economics and business. MPP stands out internationally as an institutionalized multidisciplinary department and is renowned among our peers as a place where things happen that would be unthinkable elsewhere. This demands a constant balance between disciplines and their boundaries. Our research should be characterized not only to seek for solutions to problems but more so to formulate and identify new problems. To do so we embrace interdisciplinarity. MPP research is characterized by 3 perspectives: Management, Organisation and Business Economics. We study these broad areas from the individual level, the management level and with society as a point of reference. We believe that cross-disciplinarity is a distinct way to do research rather than a goal in itself. Multiple glances at the world equals multiplicinarity.

At MPP we are organised in five research groups - Management & Entrepreneurship / Management Philosophy / Political Management / Business History. / CBS LAW. The academic disciplines are in this way nutured while cultivating cross-disciplinary research, theme-orientation and discussions in-between groups. Read more about the groups' specific research areas by following the links.

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