Stina Teilmann-Lock receives research grant


Research network: "Histories of Art, Technology and Law"


Stina Teilmann-Lock, Associate Professor at MPP, CBS has received a grant of 1,052,360 DKK from the Danish Council for Independent Research / Humanities (Det Frie Forskningsråd) to the research network “Histories of Art, Technology and Law”.

Project description: The making and appreciation of art is closely linked to shifts in technology and shifts in legal regulation. Changing technologies have provided historical as well as contemporary means for producing, reproducing and disseminating visual art. By the same token, copyright law provides the means for controlling and monetizing copies of artworks. Conversely, the exploratory nature of art makes it an important agent of change in both technology and law. This research network will focus on the nexus between visual arts, digital technologies and copyright law.

The research network consists of the following core members: CBS, University of Technology Sydney, University of Exeter, Yale University and University of Ottowa. In addition to Stina Teilmann-Lock, Ditte Vilstrup Holm and Vishv Priya Kohli participate from MPP.

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