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Professor Poul Fritz Kjær awarded a prestigious EU grant


The European Research Council has just announced the winners of its 2021 Advanced Grants competition. The funding, worth in total €624.6 million, will go to 253 leading researchers across Europe. 

Professor Poul Fritz Kjær from MPP has been awarded a grant worth approximately fifteen million kroner to examine how courts and legal instruments regulate global value chains and to develop a model that will show what this type of regulation should look like in the future.

Poul Fritz Kjær conducts research on public and private global steering and political economy. Under the heading of “Global Value Chain Law: Constituting Connectivity, Contracts and Corporations,” his research project focuses on how to rethink the regulation of global value chains.

It is the first time a researcher from Copenhagen Business School is awarded the ERC Advanced Grant, which is aimed at experienced top-researchers who have contributed significant scientific results within their field of research in the last decade.





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