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April 2020



Spatially organizing future genders: An artistic intervention in the creation of a hir-toilet

Journal: Human Relations
Published: 2020
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Contact CBS researcher: Robin Holt


Making Legal History: State Liability for Negligence in Climate Change

Journal:  European Public Law
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Contact CBS researcher: Marie-Louise Holle


Technologies in Caregiving: Professionals’ Strategies for Engaging with New Technology

Journal: New Technology, Work and Employment
Published: March 2020
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Contact CBS researcher: Kaspar Villadsen


The Creation of Modern Denmark: A Figurational Analysis

Journal: Historical Social Research
Published: 2020
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Contact CBS researcher: Lars Bo Kaspersen

L’idée sociologique de « connectivité » et le droit international privé: Vers une architecture constitutionnelle au-delà de l’État ? 

Journal: Revue Critique de Droit International Prive
Published: 2019
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Contact CBS researcher: Poul Fritz Kjær

Geopolitical jockeying: Economic nationalism and multinational strategy in historical perspective

Journal: Strategic Management Journal
Published: March 2020
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Contact CBS researcher: Christina LubinskiDaniel Wadhwani

Kønsforskelle i uddannelsesvalg

Journal: Samfundsøkonomen
Published: March 2020
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Contact CBS researcher: Jette Sandager, Justine Grønbæk Pors

Success or Failure? Effectiveness of Consumer ODR Platforms in Brazil and in the EU

Journal: Journal of Consumer Policy
Published: February 2020
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Contact CBS researcher: Maria Jose Schmidt-Kessen

Context, Time, and Change: Historical Approaches to Entrepreneurship Research

Journal: Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal
Published: March 2020
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Contact CBS researcher: Daniel Wadhwani

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