Book launch: The Law of Political Economy


Edited by Poul Fritz Kjær



The Law of Politics

The Law of Political Economy. Transformation in the Function of Law

Edited by Poul F. Kjaer, Copenhagen Business School

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

Online publication date: April 2020

Print publication year: 2020

Online ISBN: 9781108675635

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This book develops the law of political economy as a new field of scholarly enquiry. Bringing together an exceptional group of scholars, it provides a novel conceptual framework for studying the role of law and legal instruments in political economy contexts, with a focus on historical transformations and central challenges in both European and global contexts. Its chapters reconstruct how the law of political economy plays out in diverse but central fields, ranging from competition and consumer protection law to labour and environmental law, giving a comprehensive overview of the central challenges of the law of political economy. It also provides a sophisticated and multifaceted framework for further enquires while outlining the contours of new law of political economy.

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