Bent Meier Sørensen wins the Blixen Award 2019 for best Non-Fiction book of the year!


Skærmens magi (Magic of the Screen)


bent meier blixen


The KAREN BLIXEN AWARD 2019 for best non-fictional book went to Skærmens magi / Magic of the screen by Bent Meier Sørensen, MPP on May 24, 2019.

The jury's statement:

"This very well written publication is right on the mark in its description and analysis of the challenges that the fast spread of digital technologies has brought to social interaction. It is an intellectually stimulating and necessary publication, that throws both a critical and a polemical light on our use of the screens. The question of what has happened to man behind the screen is raised, and what kind of culture it is we want to defend and sustain, and pass over to coming generations. 

The book is timely, and its spot points out the seismic changes to our culture that Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon currently is delivering  on a global scale with the force of a tsunami. The book's insistence on the potential for resistance present in literature, filosofi and art shows again and again the author's formidable ability to convey complex matters to the reader. The stream of surprising insights and angles includes a battery of sources like Shakespeare, Søren Kierkegaard, Rainer Maria Rilke, Paul Klee, K.E. Løgstrup and many other authors and artists, who are virtously incorporated into a thought provoking and convincing exposé.

The publication focuses on the fact that we currently are un-learning old virtues such as the ability to repeat mundane tasks and to train deep, intellectual engagement, including the one known as conversation. The material comes alive in a terrifying manner, captivatingly told to a broader audience. "Skærmens magi" indeed deserves a very broad audience - this is the stuff one needs in order to train the art of resistance in a digital culture."

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