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In our media archive you can find material (e.g. slides, videos) from selected events and seminars.


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Learn more about our researchers and their current interests by watching these short video profiles with mpp faculty.

Professor Timon Beyes on Aesthetics, Design and Innovation:

Assistant Professor Justine Grønbæk Pors on Public Welfare and User-Driven Innovation in the Public Sector:
Professor mso Ester Barinaga on Social Entrepreneurship:

Associate Professor Martin Jes Iversen on Relations between Market Formations and Corporate Strategies:

Professor Flemming Poulfelt on Managing Professional Service Firms:
Professor Mitchell Dean on Public Governance:
Professor Daniel Hjorth on the Role of Economic Thinking in Entrepreneurship and Creativity:

Associate Professor Ole Bjerg on the Intersection between Philosophy and Economics:

Professor Per H. Hansen on Economic & Financial History and Financial Crisis:
Associate Professor Niels Thygesen on Trust, Technology and Time:

Professor mso Christian Borch on Notions of Crowds & Collectivity:

Professor Pierre Guillet de Monthoux on Aesthetic Leadership:


Workshop: Towards a Narrative Turn in Business History?

Stories, Plots, Fables and Metaphors

Date: 28-29 November, 2013
Location: Centre for Business History, Department of Management, Politics and Philosophy, Porcelænshaven 18A, DK‐2000 Frederiksberg, Denmark.

Pamela Walker Laird (University of Colorado, Denver)

‘How business historians can save the world – from the fallacy of self-made success'

Download abstract

Andrew Popp (Liverpool University)

‘Telling stories about enterprise in the 1980´s

Download abstract

Alan McKinlay (Newcastle University) and Scott Taylor (Birmingham University)

‘Narrating women at work: style in archives, life history interviews, and published histories’

Download abstract

Susanna Fellmann (Gothenburg University) and Andrew Popp (Liverpool University)

‘Creating narratives from archives in business history’

Download abstract

Anne Reff Pedersen (CBS)

‘The status of the “narrative turn” in organizational theory’

Download abstract

Robin Holt (Liverpool University)


Download abstract

Anna Linda Musacchio Adorisio (Gothenburg University)

‘Organizational remembering as a narrative practice: “storying” the past in the banking realm’

Download abstract

Mick Rowlinson (Queen Mary University of London) and John Hassard (Manchester University)

‘Epistemological dualisms in organizational history: narrative and analysis’

Download abstract

Søren Friis Møller (CBS)

“And it all began one day when he came into his office and decided that...”: A genealogy of narratives in leadership studies’

Download abstract

Mads Mordhorst (CBS)

‘National narratives and business environments’

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Copenhagen Roundtable: Integrating the Humanities and Liberal Arts in Business Education



Opening Address by Pierre Guillet de Monthoux, CBS and Matt Statler, Stern School of Business

Keynote by Bill Sullivan, Wabash College

Comments from audience to Bill Sullivan's keynote

Discussion Question 1:
How is the role of business in society currently changing?

Introductory reflections by Romain Laufer, HEC Paris

Panel responses by Ruth Bereson, SUNY, USA, Romain Laufer, HEC, France, Paolo Quattrone, IE BS, Spain, Michael Rowlinson, Queen Mary, UK

Open Discussion

Discussion Question 2:
What pedagogies, curriculum designs, and institutional support best favour education for business in society?

Introductory reflections by Donatella de Paoli, BI Norway

Panel responses by Thomas Bay, Stockholm University, Sweden, Heather Höpfl, Essex, UK, Donatella de Paoli, BI, Norway, Jim Walsh, Ross School, USA

Group presentations & Closing remarks Day 1


Keynote by Bill Sullivan, Wabash College

Questions for Bill Sullivan's keynote

Discussion Question 3:
What capabilities do students need to develop in order to thrive in the changing business environment?

Introductory Reflections by Bengt Kristensson Uggla, Åbo Akademi, Finland

Panel Responses by Nancy Adler, McGill, Canada, Janet Borgersson, Rochester, USA, Steve Fuller, Warwick, UK, Bengt Kristensson Uggla, Åbo Akademi, Finland

Discussion Question 4:
Growth and new models for business education currently emerging in the EU?

Introductory Reflections on Q4 by Daniel Hjorth, Department of Management, Politics and Philosophy, CBS

Panel Responses by Barbara Czarniawska, GRI, Sweden, Daniel Hjorth, CBS, Denmark, Chris Steyeart, U. St. Gallen, Switzerland, Emma Stenström, HHS, Sweden

Group presentations and closing remarks Day 2


Interview with Bill Sullivan following the two-day CPH roundtable

Egg Ballet performed by Cross Connection Ballet Company


Venue: The Royal Danish Academy of Sciences
H.C. Andersens Boulevard 35, Copenhagen



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