Department of Management, Politics and Philosophy

Media archive

In our media archive you can find material (e.g. slides, videos) from selected events and seminars.

Video presentations


Learn more about our researchers and their current interests by watching these short video profiles with mpp faculty.

Professor Timon Beyes on Aesthetics, Design and Innovation:

Assistant Professor Justine Grønbæk Pors on Public Welfare and User-Driven Innovation in the Public Sector:

Professor mso Ester Barinaga on Social Entrepreneurship:

Associate Professor Martin Jes Iversen on Relations between Market Formations and Corporate Strategies:

Professor Flemming Poulfelt on Managing Professional Service Firms:

Professor Mitchell Dean on Public Governance:

Professor Daniel Hjorth on the Role of Economic Thinking in Entrepreneurship and Creativity:

Associate Professor Ole Bjerg on the Intersection between Philosophy and Economics:

Professor Per H. Hansen on Economic & Financial History and Financial Crisis:

Associate Professor Niels Thygesen on Trust, Technology and Time:

Professor mso Christian Borch on Notions of Crowds & Collectivity:

Professor Pierre Guillet de Monthoux on Aesthetic Leadership:




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