Welcome to Prof. Michael Rowlinson

A warm welcome to Guest Professor Mick Rowlinson, Prof. Organization Studies, from Queen Mary University of London has joined our research group for three months (April 5 - June 26, 2015). He is collaborating with the Center in the fields of the "use of history" and historical approaches to entrepreneurship.


Recent Journal articles: 

Rowlinson M, Harvey C, Kelly A, Morris H, Todevae E (2014) “Accounting for research quality: Research audits and the journal rankings debate”, Critical Perspectives on Accounting

Rowlinson M, Casey A, Hansen PH, Mills AJ (2014) “Narratives and memory in organizations”, Organization, 21(4): 441-446

Rowlinson, M. Hassard, J. & Decker, S. (2014) Research Strategies for Organizational History: A Dialogue between Organization Theory and Historical Theory. Academy of Management Review 39(3), 250-274.




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