Paper contest: History Lessons for Managers Coping With Impact of COVID-19


All essays must be received by Tuesday 21 April by 11pm EST (New York time). The essays must be submitted before the deadline to
a. Participants are free to base their essays on either primary sources, secondary sources, or a mixture of the two but they must not break local self-isolation/social distancing guidelines in the course of preparing their essays. No going to the library!!
b. By submitting your essay, you declare that you are the author, is based on accurate historical data, and that you give us your consent to publish the essay.
The prize for the best essay is $500 U.S.
The prize for the second best essay is £200.
In judging the essays, we will give equal weighting to two criteria: the utility of managers of the recommendations you provide based on your historical research and the reliability of your historical research findings. Your conclusions about what worked for managers in the past will be more convincing to the jury if they are based on solid historical research and analysis rather than a very limited and cursory review of a couple of sources.

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