Center for Leisure and Culture Services

Degree programmes

Members of CLCS are involved in a number of degree programs, including:

  • MSc in Service Management
  • BSc in Service Management
  • MSc in International Business
  • Executive MBA
  • Full time MBA
  • BSc in Asia Studies
  • CEMS MSc in International Management

Some of the courses we deliver:

  • Service Economics. BSc. (Service Management)
  • Method I: Descriptive Methods for Service Economics. B.Sc. (Service Management)
  • Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility in Service Organizations, MSc (Service Management)
  • Business and Environment, CEMS MSc (International Management)
  • Research Methods, Data Management and Forecasting, MSoc. Sc. (Service Management)
  • Analysis of International Industries and Competition, MSc. (International Business)
  • Logistics and Transportation Management, BSc. (Service Management)
  • Management of Creative Processes, BSc. (Service Management)
  • Prediction Markets and Crowdsourcing, BSc (Service Innovation Management)
  • Strategic Management in the Hospitality Industry, BSc (Tourism and Hospitality)
  • International Business Environment , MSc (International Business)
  • Globalization and Emerging Markets, (Executive MBA)
  • Sociology: Asian Societies from a Comparative Perspective, BSc (Asian Studies)

We develop and manage a number of education programs

  • Ana María Munar is the coordinator for the Tourism and Hospitality profile of the BSc in Business Administration & Service Management
  • Adriana Budeanu is the coordinator for the Service Innovation profile of the BSc in Business Administration & Service Management
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